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Pre-Order Your 2013 Calendars for the Holidays

Posted by Erich Trapp on November 2, 2012

Lily Lisle, this year’s Cover Girl. Lily was touched by cancer three different times.

Time to Pre-Order Your 2013 Calendars for the Holidays

Our “Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” calendars get better every year, and this year is no exception. Check out the 2013 cover. (Pictured is Lily Lisle, who fought 3 different cancers.) Please pre-order your calendars now. They make great gifts, are wonderful keepsakes, and every one of your friends and relatives should have at least one (if not more). And don’t forget your vet, your groomer, and your pet-sitter. Please follow this link and order now. Calendars are only $15.00 plus S&H.

We’d like you to know that your continued financial support of this year’s 2 Million Dogs’ calendar has enabled us to contribute $20,000.00 to our first canine cancer study with The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. This year, the 13 winners of the calendar contest were given the opportunity to choose from three of Broad’s canine cancer research projects, and they chose the osteosarcoma study. Osteosarcoma is the most common bone tumor of the dog. This cancer develops in the bone, usually the limbs, and as the tumor grows it becomes progressively more painful for the dog and can result in lameness. Often these tumors metastasize to the lungs.

Why does 2 Million Dogs choose to support Broad? Dogs and humans get many of the same diseases, including cancer. Studying DNA from both healthy and sick dogs can help researchers gain insights into diseases that affect both species. That work helped lay the foundation for a variety of studies into the genetic basis of disease — research that depends on help from dogs as well their human companions.

We commend Broad’s philosophy of sharing disease exploration across the research spectrum. Additionally, their work is international, which widely broadens their field of inquiry and the potential for groundbreaking discoveries because Broad Institute brings together a diverse group of individuals from across its partner institutions — undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, professional scientists, administrative professionals, and academic faculty. The culture and environment at the Broad is designed to encourage creativity and to engage all participants, regardless of role or seniority, in the mission of the Institute. Within this setting, researchers are empowered — both intellectually and technically — to confront even the most difficult biomedical challenges.

Thanks to you and everyone who participated in the contest, and purchases the calendar, we are able to contribute to Broad’s continuing pioneering research.

(Our terrific calendar is designed again this year by Brian Kristensen of Colorcodemedia.com.)

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Featured Pup – Holly Villati

Posted by Erich Trapp on June 7, 2012

Holly Villati and a few of her toys.

From now until voting begins on July 1st, we’ll feature our calendar dog contestants. Today we’d like you to meet Holly.

(by Emily Villati)  Holly came to be part of our family on Thanksgiving Day.  Holly was a beautiful red-haired, hazel-eyed, pink-nosed Golden Retriever. Right away the whole family fell in love with her.

We live in a house with a large back yard in which Holly got into trouble many times as a puppy when she played in the mud. One second she was a red-haired angel; the next, she was a dirty little monster.  But how could we really get mad at such a cutie?  Holly was a swimmer – she couldn’t see a pool that she didn’t want to jump in. We are so fortunate to live in South Florida so Holly could swim all year round! Holly also loved car rides, especially when we went to pick up the kids from school. She also became a Canine Good Citizen, and we were all very proud of her!

Holly was so smart that she took no time to learn to go to the bathroom outside. However, there was one incident where my husband (who never took care of any animals in his life time) was watching Holly as I went to the grocery store.  Holly asked to go outside by scratching the door. He just thought she needed attention and continued watching T.V. She went on top of his shoe and peed inside as she looked at him. She had some aim, because not even one drop fell outside of the shoe. As for my husband – he knows when the other dogs scratch at the door to let them out.

We lost Holly to mast cell cancer, but she sure put up a fight! We took her to many chemotherapy sessions and she was a trooper, always with a smile on her face.  We never took one day with her for granted. She was an immense joy to be around. We miss her every day!

Holly is and always will be in our hearts.


Mommy, Daddy, Sisters and Brother

Emily, Holly’s mom adds:  We donated Holly’s blood to TGEN research. That was when I learned more about the research.  Since then I’ve been asking everyone I know to help by asking their vets to go on the TGEN website and donate the blood of dogs with cancer.

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