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The 2012 Calendars are Ready to Order!

Posted by Erich Trapp on November 17, 2011

Just in time for the holidays! You can pre-order your 2012 Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down calendars here.

Our own Murphy is on the cover of the 2012 Calendar. And for the first time we have two covers from which you can choose.  One is of Murphy running through a field in Bowling Green, KY just a little over a month before he was given rest. Cancer may have won the war but according to this picture, Murphy won the battle that day. It’s the battles won along the journey that we cherish and remember most.

The other cover is Luke carrying Murphy, the brave and valiant soldier, the one who was always the first out of the tent, who walked thousands of miles, always smiling, for others; the one whose courage and strength will always lead the way because he embodied our rally cry and our song, “Puppy Up!”

What makes our calendar so special? Our calendars aren’t  just a collection of pretty faces, although they certainly are that. Each month features a special dog and his or her story, written by the person who loved them best. Our calendars also include not only the regular ‘people’ holidays but special dog holidays as well, like International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, Squirrel Appreciation Day, K9 Veterans Day, International Homeless Pet Day, Stand up to Cancer Day, and a whole collection of special days set aside just for dogs.

Additionally, our calendar features a gallery of photos of all the dogs entered into this year’s calendar contest, a gallery of last year’s winners, and special features like the 10 early warning signs of cancer in dogs, a selection of photos from this year’s Puppy Up! Walks nation-wide, a note from Luke, and a special message from our Executive Director, Ginger Morgan.

These calendars make great gifts for family and friends, your vet, groomers, pet stores, your Great Aunt Bessie from Duluth, and are terrific keepsakes as well.

We know you will enjoy the beautiful layout designed by Brian Kristensen and special features of our one-of-a-kind calendar. Please order yours today!

For orders over 10, please contact Ginger for shipping costs at: ginger@2milliondogs.org.

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Congratulations to Our 2012 Calendar Dogs!

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 8, 2011

Murphy Robinson, our cover dog for 2012.

From 2 Million Dogs’ Executive Director:

Thank you to all who shared photos for our “2012 Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” calendar contest. Seeing all those faces in the contest and reading the stories are a constant reminder to me of how brave and strong not only the dogs are, but the people as well. Looking at the calendar all year inspires me to work harder, longer, and smarter to help find a way to prevent our loved ones from getting this horrific disease.

My wish is that someday we will not need to have a calendar contest because no dogs will have cancer. Unfortunately, this year wasn’t the year.  However, through the efforts and generous donations of those involved with the “2012 Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” calendar we are moving closer to funding research that may lead to a way to prevent cancer and/or cure it. Cancer. Touches. Everyone.

Ginger Morgan, Executive Director 2 Million Dogs Foundation

Here is the rundown of winners for this year’s calendar. Listed after the top 13 are the other dogs who were entered. Their photos will appear in the gallery section of our calendar.

2012 Calendar Winners in descending order

1. Murphy Robinson (Luke Robinson) 1,501 votes
2. Dixie & Buddy (Cheryl Noroian) 750 votes
3. Maverick (Lou (Anne) Middlemiss) 670 votes
4. Seamus (Katy O’Loughlin) 635 votes
5. Nana (Pamela Walkowski) 610 votes
6. Starbuck (Jocelyn& Devon Brown) 485 votes
7. Sunny (Dawn Osborne) 415 votes
8. Blue (Jackie Spano) 395 votes
9. Murphy Watson (Donna Watson) 370 votes
10. Goldie (Mike Wernsing) 340 votes
11. Maggie (Ashley Crawley) 235 votes
12. Titania (Brianna Rice) 210 votes
13. Cody (Suzanne White) 190 votes

Dogs appearing in our Gallery are:

Rizzo (Judy Barnhart) 150 votes
Emily (Janet Corbett) 130 votes
Zoe (Carla & Bob Tews) 115 votes
Bart (Darcy Duval) 100 votes
Casey (Christine Kelsey) 85 votes
Lily (Hope Lisle ) 80 votes
Annie (Erich Trapp) 70 votes
Baci (Stephanie Reeve) 70 votes
Rio (Micki Monroe) 40 votes
Ladybug (Charlene Ragsdale) 25 votes
Sassy (Lindsay Partin) 20 votes
Juliet (Janine Moger) 15 votes
Maddie (Jennifer Teters) 10 votes
Baxter (Christy Morrison) 10 votes
Dakota (Shannon Coker) 10 votes
Delilah (Cynthia Massmann)
Maggie (Diane Tingiris)
Donovan (D. Irene Ramirez)
Angel (George Nussberger)
Buddy (Ginger Morgan)
Cheli (Karyn Vasquez)
Megan (Amy Julian-Swencak)
Bubba (Tiffany Lobeck)

Thank you again to all who entered and all who voted.  The winners are picking their months now.

We will let you know when the calendar will go on sale.

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Thank You!

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 2, 2011

Thanks and a big smile to everyone who participated in this year’s “Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dogs Down” 2012 calendar contest. It’s just past midnight here, central time, and the contest has ended. Any votes cast after this time will be charged to your credit card but will not be counted towards the dog for which you have voted.

Sincere thanks to all the people who so generously shared their stories and photos of their beloved dogs with us. And many thanks to those of you who voted.

We will publish the results here on this blog later in the morning.

Good night (or good morning), and thank you again for puppying up!

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Down to the Wire!

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 1, 2011

Here's Pete, our 2011 calendar winner!

Lucie, our cover girl from 2010.

Princess Daisy, our first cover girl, from 2009.


Don’t miss all the fun and excitement as we close in on the final two hours of the 4th Annual “Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” 2012 calendar contest. Click on the link and scroll down to read all the stories, see the beautiful faces, and vote for your favorite pups! They all deserve votes, and we still have a few who have none.

So stop by, enjoy the stories and photos, and support 2 Million Dogs by voting for your favorites. Contest ends tonight at midnight central time.

Thanks to everyone who has made this another exciting calendar contest!

Puppy Up!




2 Million Dogs is a 501 C (3) organization. We rely on the generosity of individuals and corporations to help us in our mission to eradicate cancer through education, awareness, and investing in comparative oncology studies.




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Featured Pups — Bubba, Donovan, and ?

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 1, 2011

Sometimes people forget that they’ve started a fundraiser page. Sometimes they forget how to log in or never quite figure out how to upload a story once they have logged in. That’s OK. Some folks just aren’t as comfortable around computers as others.

We have three dogs in our gallery (so far) who have photos but no stories. It would be a shame for you not to enjoy their beautiful faces. After all, you can vote for them on good looks alone! So we are posting their photos with their links here.

Remember, the calendar contest ends in a few hours — 12 midnight central time to be exact. Still time to enter your dog, and/or vote for your favorites. Please click on this link to see all the dogs. Some of them have no votes. What a shame, considering what they have had to endure.

Enjoy these puppers ….

To vote for Bubba, please click on this link.

To vote for Donovan, please follow this link.

To vote for Karen Goff’s dog, please click on this link.

This is Karen Goff's dog. We don't know his/her name.

Donovan. His person is Irene Ramirez.

Bubba. His mom is Tiffany Lobeck.

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Featured Pup – Zoe

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 1, 2011


Less than 24 hours left to enter and/or vote for your favorite pups for the 2 Million Dogs’ Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down 2012 calendar contest.  The contest ends tonight, October 1st, at 12 midnight Central time. Still a few hours to vote!


Zoe’s Story

(by Carla and Bob Tews) We got Zoe when she was just a tiny little puppy.  She was born in a trailer out in the country.  Her Mom was a black lab and her Dad was a golden retriever.  Since day 1 she was one of the family.  She was our only dog (my first) and we spoiled her rotten.  We let her on the furniture, she slept on the bed, got tons of presents for Christmas, etc.  She was like “our child”.  Zoe loved people most of all.  Everywhere she went she craved love and affection from everyone!  Even total strangers.

It all started when we were watching the Super Bowl.  She was sleeping on the couch and had a seizure.  We rushed her CSU Emergency where they did a few tests and sent her home.  She was okay at first but a few days later she started going downhill.

We were sitting in the exam room at our regular vet and the vet told me straight up “I think this dog has a brain tumor.”  I literally felt the blood rush from my body at the sound of these words.  The soonest we could get her in to CSU Vet Hospital for testing was almost a week later.  It was one week of pure hell watching her deteriorate each and every day.

We dropped her off that Thursday morning telling her everything would be okay.  They did a chest x-ray and an MRI of her brain.  We went back that afternoon to pick her up and, despite our hopes for treatment, it was a brain tumor and it was already very large and inoperable.  We told them we wanted to try radiation.  We were prepared to try anything to save her.

That night, her brain swelled from the anesthesia and we could not wake her up.  We rushed her back to CSU Emergency.  When the on-call vet told us she would most likely not regain consciousness, we decided to let her go peacefully.  Just like that – she was healthy one minute, and 11 days later she was gone.

We were completely devastated.  We never dreamed we would lose her at 9 years of age from this terrible disease.  I thought for sure she would live to be an old girl.  I was naive to think that since she was a mixed breed that she wouldn’t have the health problems so many purebred dogs do.

Now that I think back, I wonder if there are things I could have done differently to prevent her from getting cancer.  I’m sure pets get cancer for the same reasons humans do, such as exposure to environmental toxins.  I tried to be careful but I admit to using pesticides and herbicides while she was growing up.  If I had to do it all over again, I would have let the weeds grow and the bugs eat my plants.  I have learned my lesson the hard way and I’m bound and determined to do things differently with my next dog.  I’ve decided to become an advocate for organic living and now I know of things that I can do to help keep my family and my pets safe.

We still miss Zoe and think of her every day.  She was our “Gooberdog”.  She brought such joy to our lives and we were so lucky to have her.

To vote for Zoe please follow this link.

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Featured Pup — Lily

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 1, 2011

Lily. (photo by Allison Mae Photography)

Less than 24 hours left to enter and/or vote for your favorite pups for the 2 Million Dogs’ Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down 2012 calendar contest.  The contest ends tonight, October 1st, at 12 midnight Central time. Still a few hours to vote!





Lily epitomizes the phrase “Puppy Up!”.


But it has touched Lily 3 times:




Lily has fought back each and every time with the courage and tenacity of a bulldog. Lily does not give up. She is missing one leg and one lobe of her lung and has endured several surgeries and numerous rounds of chemo. Her spirit and her personality have blossomed through all of the trials and tribulations. She is only becoming sweeter with age.

Lily doesn’t do anything halfway. She never ceases to amaze me, whether it is giving birth to 18 puppies in 2002, chasing a border collie down the street last summer, climbing all of the steps at Red Rocks Amphitheater last fall or proving her veterinary oncologists wrong time after time.

Please vote for the dog who just doesn’t give up. Thank you.

To vote for Lily, please follow this link.

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Featured Pup — Baxter

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 1, 2011


Less than 24 hours left to enter and/or vote for your favorite pups for the 2 Million Dogs’ Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down 2012 calendar contest . The contest ends tonight at 12 midnight Central time. Still a few hours to vote!

The story below is about Baxter. His mom and I have both tried to upload his photo but have had no success. So we’re publishing it to the blog. However, you can follow this link to vote for Baxter.

My Baby Boy, Baxter ‘s Story

(by Christine Morrison) I want to tell you about a wonderful little puppy who came into my life just after the new year began in 2006. He was a little black and white fluff ball and he was full of fun! We struggled and struggled with just the right name for this little guy because he had the most amazing personality…we finally settled on “Baxter”.

We adopted him from the shelter at 9 weeks… we spent every minute of every day molding him from an adorable little pup into a loving, friendly, obedient dog. He was smart as could be too! It was like he understood exactly what we were saying to him – particularly if we were telling him where to look for his ball! He lived for swimming and fetching his favorite soccer ball (black and white of course). He was my shadow and I told him every single day how much I loved that little man and thanked God for bringing us together.

We had a bad year in 2005 — we lost my 13 year old Yorkie on Valentine’s Day and my 7 year old tri-color border collie on Thanksgiving. Baxter was just the ray of sunshine we needed in our lives and he put spark back in each day for my 6 year old Golden Retriever who had suffered the loss of two siblings in nine months. Baxter continued to entertain and amaze us on a regular basis, never meeting a person or dog he didn’t like or want to play with. When we moved from Potsdam to Massachusetts he snuggled in for the long ride and made a smooth and easy transition to living with my sister and her dog and 15 year old cat. Nothing was ever a problem for him once he put his mind to something. His determination and intelligence always won out!

We enjoyed two Christmas holidays with Baxter (Boo-Bear as I affectionately called him) where he was showered with gifts and attention from all family members, human and canine. Everyone adored him! He tore into his gifts with delight and entertained us all day attacking his new stuffed animals, chomping on his treats and playing with his toys! He was always “up” for a party and company!

In January of 2008 we had a birthday party for a family member who brought her dog over to play and B just wasn’t himself. The next day I took him to the vet because I was very “in-tune” with this little guy and I knew this wasn’t like him. The vet did blood work, tests and x-rays and it turned out that my little man was in the final stages of leukemia! He had not let on at all that he was sick until the very end.

I prayed for a miracle that never came and as I checked him into the Tufts Animal Hospital and put him in his crate, he pulled himself up from lying panting on his side, climbed onto my lap, puts his paws around my neck and licked my face. The diagnosis was barely determined when he succumbed to the disease and died in my arms at the animal hospital the next day at the age of 26 months.

To vote for Baxter, please follow this link.

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Featured Pup — Bart

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 1, 2011


Less than 24 hours left to enter and/or vote for your favorite pups for the 2 Million Dogs’ Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down 2012 calendar contest. The contest ends tonight at 12 midnight Central time. Sill plenty of time to vote!

The story below is about Bart. His mom and I have both tried to upload his story and photo but have had no success. Nevertheless, the voting link DOES work, so you can vote for Bart.
The Story of Bart!

(by Darcy DuVal) Bart is a Hero to a lot of people!! He was diagnosed with bone cancer and became a glorious Tripawd in June 2008, and has since shown people across the country what can be done with a pawsitive attitude and a whole lot of Heart!

He is the first Vizsla in history to have achieved his AKC Master Hunting Title on 3 legs, finishing only 10 months post-amputation, and continues to complete and earn placements in AKC Field Trials.

Due to Bart’s accomplishments his reputation precedes him, but once you get to know Bart you see that it is his amazing spirit and zest for life which enabled him to prevail in his fight against Cancer!  He is still going strong and continues to be an advocate for Canine Cancer Awareness!! Please join Bart’s fight so that one day a Cure can be found!!!

To vote for Bart, please follow this link.

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Featured Pup — Annie

Posted by Erich Trapp on September 30, 2011


Every day, from now until our calendar contest ends on October 1st, we’ll feature several of our calendar dog contestants. We’d like you to meet Annie.

Ancient Annie

(by Erich Trapp) Little Annie (her real name is unknown to us) wandered out of the tall grass following one of my other dogs on an incredibly hot and humid spring afternoon. Who knows how long she’d been out in the sweltering heat – days, maybe weeks? But she managed to find us –people who would love and care for her. The minute I saw that little dog I fell in love.

My neighbor and I loaded her into the van, and my wife drove as we rushed her to the vet – isn’t it always the case that things like this happen after hours?

Well, now she was ours. To me she looked like the tiniest German Shepherd I had ever seen. Same markings. Same body type. Just a light-weight at less than 30 pounds, standing about three hands tall. Her coat was soft and beautiful, her ears were just a little too big for her head, her tail, though it never wagged, was long (I often told her how much I admired it, even if she never heard), and her little gray face – well, just look at it.

A subsequent visit to the vet a week later disclosed that she had kidney failure, was totally deaf, was almost completely blind, had some kind of tumor on her eyelid, and had cancer. Unspecified cancer. The blood work just showed cancer. A physical revealed it was in her gut. Our vet said it could take her quickly or slowly. His advice – make her comfortable and take it one day at a time. And so we did.

Annie was an ancient soul. She had probably wandered away from her home or was dumped by the road. Either way, no one came looking for her. Or maybe she belonged to some old person who simply couldn’t look for her. Who knows what her history was, but it was apparent that she was quite old. Maybe 15 or 16? We had no idea what kind of life she’d had, but we were sure her remaining days would be as peaceful as possible.

In the subsequent weeks, I learned she was an All-American girl. She loved hamburger and hot dogs, didn’t care much at all for dog food, and could take or leave chicken. Because she was nearly blind, she had some interesting run-ins with her water bowl, and she may well have had a little brain damage as well, as she had to learn to eat all over again, every meal time. But even then we managed to get the eating down to a routine. She liked her straw and blanket beds, so well in fact that she frequently tinkled in them just to watch me clean it up. And she loved to bathe in the sun.

Annie found us May 11th and stayed with us until August 4th. She took a turn for the worse that night, so at 1 AM on Thursday, I loaded us into the van and through a terrible thunder storm found our way to our vet’s house. Her little body already limp, he gently put her to rest there in the rain. It took mere seconds and her suffering ended.

I don’t know more of her story than that. I simply know it took only a moment to fall in love with her and I miss her as if she had spent her whole life with us.

This is the third dog I’ve lost to cancer. Something has to change.

I hope you will vote for Annie. Thank you for reading her story.

To vote for Annie, please click on the link.

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