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Reggie Duman and His Tumexal Treatment

Posted by Erich Trapp on June 30, 2013

Beth Duman recently sent us this story about her Belgian Tervuren and an alternative treatment he is receiving for his osteosarcoma. It’s called Tumexal.

Disclaimer: Please remember, we post this and information like this to inform our readers of potential new/different/alternative treatments for their beloved companions. 2 Million Dogs does not endorse any particular treatment, protocol, therapy, veterinarian, and/or drug. It is up to each individual to do his or her own research and then act accordingly on the information they are able to gather. But we wanted to share with you the success Beth is having with this particular treatment for this particular dog and his disease. Here is what she shared with us.

Beautiful Reggie.

Beautiful Reggie.

This beautiful boy, Reggie, is a nine-year-old gorgeous Belgian Tervuren. About four months ago, he started gimping on his left front foot. We have some very good vets on our community so I visited three of them a number of times. Two of the vets are skilled in alternative medicine so Reggie received chiropractic treatments, electro-chiropractic treatments, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, pain  and anti-inflammatory medications. I also worked with a wonderful Tellington Touch practitioner and message therapist.

Reggie continued to get worse until he was in pain that was causing him to occasionally scream and making it hard for him to sleep without constantly readjusting himself because of his discomfort. We increased his pain meds. He was only going outside to relieve himself and could no longer use the doorway that involved walking down two steps to get outside.

Finally after months of his physical and mental deterioration, one of the chiropractor vets was able to feel a tumor under his left scapula. The vet was not certain that the tumor was operable  so I immediately made an appointment with the vet who was the most skilled surgeon. She did a number of X-rays and attempted to aspirate the tumor. The X-rays showed a mass 77 mm in size in an area that was not easily accessed. She had the long hard conversation with me about  possible options for Reggie. If she were to amputate his leg, she would also need to remove the shoulder. Amputation would serve to lesson his pain but, no doubt, the cancer would have already metastasized to his lungs. Chemotherapy  might add a couple months to his life, as might radiation. I asked her what she would do if he were her dog with a similar prognosis. She said pain management would be her choice. I agreed.

When I got home, I looked up a cancer researcher’s contact information. I had stumbled on Dr. Nice’s web site some months before – when my dogs were all healthy. He had sent me a Power Point presentation about his cancer intervention protocol. I immediately called Dr. Nice and arranged to have treatment sent for Reggie.

For the last month, Reggie has been taking three specially prepared capsules along with a couple of milliliters of a liquid to help him absorb the capsules. Twice a day, I rub in a cream version of the treatment on his shaved chest at the tumor site.

One month later, Reggie’s tumor has shrunk to 50 mm. He is off all pain medications and is happy and active. He has a slight limp but easily walks and trots. He’s now soliciting play from our other dogs and back to being my active friendly buddy.

He will be following Dr. Nice’s protocol for two more months. I have been in contact with Dr. Nice about Reggie’s progress and has shared that other dogs are seeing similar results. The treatment is called Tumexal. Dr. Nice’s web site is www.CanineCare.us.

I hope this information will be beneficial to others who are dealing with choosing treatment  options for their dogs. It has certainly been a blessing to us and Reggie.


Beth Duman, VSPDT, CPDT-KA

Beth Duman is a biologist and positive dog trainer in Michigan. Her highly rated training book, The Evolution of Charlie Darwin: Partner With Your Dog Using Positive Training, can be purchased at Amazon.com.

13 Responses to “Reggie Duman and His Tumexal Treatment”

  1. Carla neet said

    So good that this treatment certainly seems to be working for this family. While I understand completely having both experienced and experiencing this vile disease in 2 of my Pyrs, I want to caution everyone to research any and all treatments they are considering. We all want to find the “cure” for this curse and save our babies, and I know how it is to grasp at any straw that comes along.

  2. Suzette Katrishen said

    I too read about Tumexal and ordered some for my 7yr old Lab mix who has a confirmed diagnosis of lymphoma and my vet did not recommend traditional chemo due to her poor condition. She has been on the capsules 3X a day for 2 days now. Professor Nice said I should see improvement in 2 wks if it is effective. I’m hoping my dog is not being put thru needless suffering. If this new drug is a scam I hope someone will inform me by email and I like wise will let everyone know if my dog’s is successful. We must all stay informed as there are many con artists out there who prey on our despairation with prices to fit everyone’s budget. Suzettekat@gmail.com

    • Suzette Katrishen said

      Just wanted to inform everyone Honey is improving. This is her fourth day on Tumexal. She is not as bloated and her energy and stamina have increased. A pharmacology instructor at the medical school and long time friend of the family read the info on Tumexal’s web site and said the research was sound and price reasonable due to the expensive cost to manufacture these types of drugs. He agreed that if he were in my position, he’d try it too. Honey is not on any other medication. She has put herself on an all meat diet and prefers canned salmon “people food” at this time. I keep hopping someone else will tell of their experiences with this drug in order to keep us all informed. However, it has only been on the market now since October 2012 so it’s new. I read a lot of negative opinions by those who have never tried it but would love to hear from someone who;s “been there done that!” Best wishes to everyone and their dogs,
      Suzette Katrishen suzettekat@gmail.com

      • Donna said

        Please tell me how your pet is doing on Tumexal. I am now decided it on my 11yr old Belgium Malinois with lymphoma.

    • Lane Baxter said

      I have had my dog Fred on Tumexal since December 2012. He was diagnosed with an inoperable thyroid tumor approximately 6 inches in length that intertwined along the carotid artery. The diagnosis from the Vet was depressing in that he stated Fred would most likely not survive more that a few months. I chose to put Fred on Tumexal that very month. Today Fred’s tumor is in total remission and has been since April of 2013. He is healthy, happy and full of life. He is on three capsules of Tumexal a day along with Mitoquin liquid (assists absorption). His appetite is great. No side affects or problems with the medication. His last ultra scan showed nothing of the once large tumor.

  3. Donna said

    I have an 11 yr old Belgian Malinois diagnosed with lymphoma. I will be starting her on Tumexal tomorrow when I receive it. I am very curious to know if anyone else has gotten positive results from it so far. Another drug only avail thru a veterinarian is Neoplasene which thru my findings seems to be a liquid form of chemotherapy. It’s made up of a blood root from ancient Indians used to remove warts and other skin lesions. Most dogs got very upset stomachs and had to take Mirtazapine. Some dogs wouldn’t eat with the liquid you add to food.
    Donna at donick31@aol.com

    • Lane Baxter said

      My dog Fred laps up the liquid portion of the Tumexal without problem. It evidently has a flavor that appeals to him. I have no difficulty “sticking” the capsule down his throat. I have had huge positive results with this medication and in a short period of time.

  4. donnadblog said

    I have an 11 yr old Belgian Malinois diagnosed with lymphoma. I will be starting her on Tumexal when it arrives tomorrow. I am curious to know how well your dog had done on it.
    Thank you

    • Kelly Lanzotti said

      My 7 year old lab/mix was diagnosed with nasal cancer and right now I have her on a supplement called Nuvet plus they say it will boost her immune system and maybe even shrink the tumor. So far she is ok I’ve notice she is a little more active and her nose isn’t running as much but you can now see the lump where her tumor is growing. How is your dog doing on Tumexal? I called Dr Nice and he said this will help her but I’m a little scared to buy it.
      Thank You

      • Suzette Katrishen said

        Dear Edward,

        My dog Honey was a 7yr old lab mix with late stage lymphoma and not a candidate for chemo. I tried Tumexal for 2 weeks as a last effort. My experience was a little different from Donna’s because my dog was nauseated before going on Tumexal but was not on Prednisone. The Tumexal stopped her nausea and her appetite returned. I gave her canned meats and vegetables (people food). She initiated short walks. Her breathing had sounded noisy and congested but became quiet and unlabored after Tumexal. She slept well and took long naps. She often woke me in the mornings wagging her tail. She seemed to be getting stronger and acted like she felt better. But her tumors never shrunk, just stayed the same size. However, her eyes began to bulge were red and she eventually couldn’t close them. My vet said this was causing her pain and after 2 weeks on Tumexal, we had her put to sleep.

        My experience with Dr. Nyce was positive. He was honest in telling me if I did not see any improvement in my dod in 2 weeks the Tumexal would not work. He initiated contact with me to ask questions regarding Honey’s condition. I did not get the impression that he was a con artist at all, And he had already received my payment before his call.. I am glad I tried it because I researched everything available and it seemed the best alternative. I do think dogs react to it differently, though. I also posted comments on the Laborador Chat Board Forum which I found under the Tumexal heading on Google on page 2 which you may want to read. I am sorry to hear about your dog and wish I could be more helpful. But I feel strongly that the only way we will know what works and what doesn’t and how to avoid scams is to
        keep each other well informed with our stories no matter how unimportant the details may seen. My best wishes, Suzette Katrishen (suzettekat@gmail.com)

  5. Edward said

    We have an 8 year old golden retreiver who was diagnosed with lymphoma this week. We are seriously considering Tumexal instead of chemotherapy. Any updates…especially happy ones?

    • Lane Baxter said

      I have nothing but positive things to say about Tumexal and Dr. Nice (Nyce)… Positive results from the Tumexal and entire treatment program. My dog has been under treatment for over a year and his tumor began to shrink and disappear within four months of beginning the treatment. It stopped growing within a month and he is still in remission. No sign of the tumor.

  6. Cody said

    My dog Ladybug has been on Tumexal for a little over 2 weeks. She was diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer that was literally destroying her body. Mast cell cancer starts in the skin and causes huge tumors to grow. They are big, ugly, painful and rupture. In December 2013 she was diagnosed and we proceeded to try 3 types of chemo and 1 major surgery, all of which were painful and all failed to help her. My dog oncologist told me there was no hope and eventually I would have to put her down. So in the meantime I was going to have to literally watch the cancer deform her and ultimately it or I would have to kill her. It was devastating. I found Tumexal on a dog cancer blog and decided to try it. After only 2 and a half weeks all the tumors are gone accept the largest one. She has her appetite back and finally has quit throwing up, which she was doing regularly before. It has been amazing to find a drug that can beat such an aggressive cancer with no side affects…or at least none so far. It makes me very sad to see the negative things that are being written about this drug by people who have no understanding of it or experience with it. Why would anyone want to stop people from using a drug that can stop cancer and relieve suffering. This is cancer…these animals are going to die without something and CHEMO DOES NOT WORK! I watched chemo make my dog so sick she could not even walk. I put her through this torture and it didn’t even help her. Chemo is literally poison, so why do these people feel like they should say horrible things about Tumexal, I mean, come on, what is worse then literal poison!!! This should really make all of us stop and think about what is really going on in the drug industry… My final comment. Yes. Try Tumexal. What do you have to lose?

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