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Reggie Duman and His Tumexal Treatment

Posted by Erich Trapp on June 30, 2013

Beth Duman recently sent us this story about her Belgian Tervuren and an alternative treatment he is receiving for his osteosarcoma. It’s called Tumexal.

Disclaimer: Please remember, we post this and information like this to inform our readers of potential new/different/alternative treatments for their beloved companions. 2 Million Dogs does not endorse any particular treatment, protocol, therapy, veterinarian, and/or drug. It is up to each individual to do his or her own research and then act accordingly on the information they are able to gather. But we wanted to share with you the success Beth is having with this particular treatment for this particular dog and his disease. Here is what she shared with us.

Beautiful Reggie.

Beautiful Reggie.

This beautiful boy, Reggie, is a nine-year-old gorgeous Belgian Tervuren. About four months ago, he started gimping on his left front foot. We have some very good vets on our community so I visited three of them a number of times. Two of the vets are skilled in alternative medicine so Reggie received chiropractic treatments, electro-chiropractic treatments, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, pain  and anti-inflammatory medications. I also worked with a wonderful Tellington Touch practitioner and message therapist.

Reggie continued to get worse until he was in pain that was causing him to occasionally scream and making it hard for him to sleep without constantly readjusting himself because of his discomfort. We increased his pain meds. He was only going outside to relieve himself and could no longer use the doorway that involved walking down two steps to get outside.

Finally after months of his physical and mental deterioration, one of the chiropractor vets was able to feel a tumor under his left scapula. The vet was not certain that the tumor was operable  so I immediately made an appointment with the vet who was the most skilled surgeon. She did a number of X-rays and attempted to aspirate the tumor. The X-rays showed a mass 77 mm in size in an area that was not easily accessed. She had the long hard conversation with me about  possible options for Reggie. If she were to amputate his leg, she would also need to remove the shoulder. Amputation would serve to lesson his pain but, no doubt, the cancer would have already metastasized to his lungs. Chemotherapy  might add a couple months to his life, as might radiation. I asked her what she would do if he were her dog with a similar prognosis. She said pain management would be her choice. I agreed.

When I got home, I looked up a cancer researcher’s contact information. I had stumbled on Dr. Nice’s web site some months before – when my dogs were all healthy. He had sent me a Power Point presentation about his cancer intervention protocol. I immediately called Dr. Nice and arranged to have treatment sent for Reggie.

For the last month, Reggie has been taking three specially prepared capsules along with a couple of milliliters of a liquid to help him absorb the capsules. Twice a day, I rub in a cream version of the treatment on his shaved chest at the tumor site.

One month later, Reggie’s tumor has shrunk to 50 mm. He is off all pain medications and is happy and active. He has a slight limp but easily walks and trots. He’s now soliciting play from our other dogs and back to being my active friendly buddy.

He will be following Dr. Nice’s protocol for two more months. I have been in contact with Dr. Nice about Reggie’s progress and has shared that other dogs are seeing similar results. The treatment is called Tumexal. Dr. Nice’s web site is www.CanineCare.us.

I hope this information will be beneficial to others who are dealing with choosing treatment  options for their dogs. It has certainly been a blessing to us and Reggie.


Beth Duman, VSPDT, CPDT-KA

Beth Duman is a biologist and positive dog trainer in Michigan. Her highly rated training book, The Evolution of Charlie Darwin: Partner With Your Dog Using Positive Training, can be purchased at Amazon.com.

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Pssssssttt … Hey you. Yeah – you! Come over here.

Posted by Erich Trapp on June 27, 2013

Princess Daisy telling Bob a secret.

Princess Daisy telling Bob a secret. (Photo by Bev Hollis.)

There’s this calendar contest going on and I have the inside scoop … OK. OK. Yeah – I get it. Dog. Scoop. Real funny. Pay attention.

Anyway, I have the inside scoop.

Can you please stop giggling and let me tell you something? Take a breath and chill.

OK. You alright now?


Look, there’s this terrific calendar contest going on. It’s called Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down and it’s going to have all sorts of photos and stories of very brave dogs with cancer in it, and lots of other neat stuff.  I know all about it because my friend Princess Daisy was on the very first cover. Yes, The Princess Daisy. The One and Only. That’s her in the photo, before she went to the Rainbow Bridge. She’s gossiping with her friend Bob.

So, I know Princess Daisy and she knows all about 2 Million Dogs and where they sent their calendar proceeds last year – the money they made when people like you sent them their photos and stories and votes. The Princess has a very high security clearance here at The Rainbow Bridge, and she told me that she got to read the very letter from The Broad Institute about how they’re using the funds from last year’s calendar contest to study osteosarcoma in several breeds: Leonbergers and Goldens and Great Danes and Great Pyrenees. The very funds people donated to study genes and dogs and cancer. This is very important research that Broad is doing, and they collaborate with other scientists and research organizations from all over the world. So this is a big deal. A really big deal. And all the people who participated in the contest last year had a hand in helping make this research possible by taking part in the calendar contest.

No kidding.

But what I really need to tell you is that time is running out to enter. You have to send your photos and stories to Erich (erich@2milliondogs.org) right away. And then, when voting starts, you have to get all your friends and co-workers and aunts and uncles and cousins and brothers and sister and even total strangers to vote, because the money you and your friends donate will go to research to help dogs, and even people. Yes, people. Dogs and people get the same kinds of cancers. Haven’t you been paying any attention?

The important thing to know is that each year the calendar contest supports research that help dogs and people. But you can’t help if you don’t enter and you don’t vote.

So? What are you waiting for?

Follow this link to find out about the calendar contest and how to enter.

Then send a photo and story of your dog who has or has had cancer to Erich at erich@2milliondogs.org. He’s pretty cool and he’ll write you back when he gets your stuff.

Oh, and Princess Daisy said I’d better include her cover photo from the very first Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down calendar from 2009. Princess Daisy_2009-calendarHonestly, I think she’s sticking her tongue out at cancer.

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Puppy Up! In Jersey City, June 22

Posted by Erich Trapp on June 12, 2013

New Jersey Walk BannerGrab your walking shoes, your leash, and your canine best friend, and join the thousands who have already put feet to pavement to help end cancer in everyone. On June 22, we’re converging on Jersey City, NJ to support comparative oncology, the study of the similarities between cancers in dogs and cancers in people. These studies help save lives, both human and canine.

Follow the link here to register, join in the fun, and help 2 Million Dogs stop cancer in its tracks.

Registration opens at 11:00 am. The Walk starts at noon and all around good fun continues to 3 PM.

Where? Michael Anthony’s on the Waterfront
502 Washington Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07310

Can’t Walk in New Jersey but want to contribute anyway? Follow the link above and become a fundraiser. Any amount is most welcome!


2 Million Dogs is having their Puppy Up! Walks all across the country again this year, so if you’re not in New Jersey, check out the Walk closest to you. Right here. Right now. Check out the map and find a Walk near you. Meet new people, meet new puppers, and make a difference in our fight against cancer. By walking? Yes, it’s as easy as that! We’ll see you there.

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Our 6th Annual Calendar Contest Has Begun!

Posted by Erich Trapp on June 2, 2013

Tiny Turcan -- Featured Pup on February, 2013.

Tiny Turcan — Featured Pup on February, 2013.

Just look at that face. That’s Tiny Turcan, one of the winners of last year’s 2 Million Dogs’ Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down calendar contest.

Honor your canine cancer hero and contribute to our ongoing mission to fund cutting-edge research.

We have our first entries! Don’t wait until the last minute to enter!

This will be the sixth year that 2 Million Dogs will produce our beautiful calendar. We encourage everyone to participate!

So, how does it work? Starting June 3rd (that’s Monday), enter your dog into the contest. We gather your photo and story entries, publish them online for everyone to see and read, and then the voting begins. All entries must be in by midnight, CDT, on July 8th.

Who Can Enter? Anyone with a dog who currently has or has had cancer can enter. (Living or passed.)

What do you send and where? Send a high resolution digital photo of your dog and his or her story (about a paragraph) to Erich at erich@2milliondogs.org. If you have had more than one dog with cancer, you can enter more than one photo and story. 1 Meg resolution or greater for your photo is ideal for reproduction in our calendar. We accept the following photo file format: .jpg .  Please don’t forget to include the name of your dog, your name, and your email. And please don’t forget to send us your story. (Yes, sometimes that happens.) If you have entered before, we welcome you to enter again.

What happens then? When we receive your entry we’ll email you. If it needs corrections (story too long, photo too small) we will send you an email telling you.

How does it work? We’ll collect all the stories and photos throughout June through July 8.

How do we vote? On July 10th , we’ll post all the photos and stories to our Greater Giving web site here, where voting will begin. Voting continues to midnight CDT, August 8th.

Votes start at a minimum of $5.00 and increase in increments of $1.00 after that.  Each time you log in to vote, the minimum is $5.00. (For example, $5 = 5 votes.  $25 = 25 votes. You get the picture.) Whole dollars only please. The 13 dogs with the most votes win a month (or the cover) on this year’s calendar. And proceeds from your dollars help fund ground-breaking research with The Broad Institute.

Lily Lisle, last year's cover girl.

Lily Lisle, last year’s cover girl.

Your pup’s photo and story will provide inspiration for an entire month in the 2 Million Dogs’ 2014 Calendar. 

What makes our calendars unique? Every dog entered has his or her photo in the calendar. An entire section of the calendar is devoted to a gallery of photos of all the dogs entered. We also include all 13 of last year’s winners, and our calendar includes not only the regular holidays but dozens of special dog holidays like: Pet Cancer Awareness Month, National Puppy Day, Pet Theft Awareness Day, Take Your Dog to Work Day, World Animal Remembrance Month, etc. Our calendars are truly unique and one-of-a-kind keepsakes.

Encourage your family and friends to vote, July 10 to August 8.

We’re looking forward to meeting this year’s contestants!

Confused about photo image size? Here’s some help …

For your pet’s photo to look GREAT in the printed calendar, you will need to submit a high resolution image. We suggest submitting the LARGEST image size possible.  Here are some simple guidelines to help you determine image resolution.

Minimum file size of 1MB but the LARGER the file size the better

The same holds true if you are looking at the pixel size (ie: 1800 x 1200 pixels)– the LARGER the better

If you’re exporting your image from your iPhoto library on your MAC computer or phone, export/send as the LARGEST option

The example below shows high and low resolution images. You can view this information when you hover your mouse over the image on your PC computer.

example image001 from Christy

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