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Orchard School 4th Grade Business Project Donates Generously to 2 Million Dogs

Posted by Erich Trapp on March 5, 2013


Luke, Indy, Carly, and Hudson.

Recently, 2 Million Dogs received word that a generous donation was made to our Foundation, thanks to the efforts of Carly Levinsohn and the heartfelt appeal she made to her fellow classmates in a 4th grade business project at Orchard School in Indianapolis, Indiana. Below is her letter to her classmates, and a letter to us. Thank you Carly and everyone who contributed so thoughtfully to our organization on behalf of dogs with cancer.

We applaud the efforts of this young generation, and the hard work that went in to supporting a cause they believe in. Thank you.




Carly presenting a check to Luke Robinson, founder of 2 Million Dogs.

2 Responses to “Orchard School 4th Grade Business Project Donates Generously to 2 Million Dogs”

  1. Kim said

    It is wonderful to see young people get involved in something to make the world a better place, and inspiring to know that a class of students united in making the decision to gift the money to this organization. Hopefully, their donation will remain up front in the consciousness of the founder’s mind, as he moves forward with his journey, because those hard earned dollars deserve to be used in the best possible manner for the good of the cause.

  2. Sondra said

    This is wonderful!!! I love the idea of children learning philanthropy at this early age. I am sure it will give them good feelings all around and encourage them to continue giving in their adult lives.

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