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Abby Hamman

Posted by Erich Trapp on September 9, 2012

Abby Sunshine Hamman

(by Miss Alexandra Hamman) Abby Hamman was adopted into my life four years ago. She came to me when her owner was very ill.

When I came in Abby’s life I was going through a rough patch of my own. She made me feel better about a lot of things that were going on in my life.

In the fall of 2011 Abby’s leg started to show a lump and I took her into a vet. They told me it was a fatty pocket and not to worry about it.

In February of 2012 the lump on Abby’s leg burst open. Fearing this was going to be the end of my best friend, I took her into the Green River Veterinary Clinic were Dr. Edwards did surgery to save Abby’s leg. After surgery came months of waiting for it to heal and for her to be able to have only a scar left.

In the beginning of August 2012 she started to not be herself. Something was wrong but she seemed fine ‒ just a little grumpy (which was a little out of character for Abby).

August 20th she became very ill. She barely moved and would not get up. After a long week of carrying her inside and trying to feed her and laying by her side, I took her back in to the Doctor. He told me this could be the end of such a sweet dog. So after four days of meds and trying and begging her to hang on, I had to face the hardest thing ever alone — taking her in to be put to sleep, to end her suffering and let her be free from all of the shots and the cone of shame. The last few moment Dr. Edwards went over the last minute details and gave her the sleepy meds. She looked into my eyes and took her last breath. I held her paw and kissed her good-bye, telling her one day we will meet again someday, and not to worry.

A week after saying good-bye I got a call from Dr. Edward telling me that he had her ashes. I looked at my mom in shock that he gave me back a piece of my best friend that I can keep with me throughout my life.

She passed away at the age of 10. She was the most amazing four-legged friend I could ever ask for. She is forever missed, and this is Abby Sunshine Hamman’s story.

Her middle name is Sunshine because Abby was my sunshine on the dark and rainy days.

To view a beautiful tribute to Abby made by Alex, please click here.


UPDATE: Abby has her own tribute page on Facebook. Please visit it here.

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