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Do Dogs Golf?

Posted by Erich Trapp on September 5, 2012

Puppy Up! Golf T-shirt.

Well, apparently they do. At least, the one on this T-shirt does. (Leave it to a Pyr to take up golf. Air Bud, eat your heart out.)

If you’re a golfer too, and you’re in the Boulder City, Nevada area, this might just be the game for you …

The inaugural Puppy Up! Open to benefit 2 Million Dogs will be played on September 20, 2012 at Boulder Creek Golf Course, 1501 Veterans Memorial Drive in Boulder City, Nevada. It is a scramble format with a cost of $125 per golfer. It includes golf, cart, lunch, and doggie goodie bag for each golfer. 8:00 AM shotgun start. Spots are still available. You can register by mailing a check to 2 Million Dogs, PO Box 530074, Henderson, NV 89053 or follow this link to register.

We still have Puppy Up! golf t-shirts available. $20 each includes shipping. Send a check to Bruce Singer at PO Box 530074, Henderson, NV 89053. Include your address and shirt size with your order. The shirts also benefit 2 Million Dogs. If you would like more information, contact Bruce Singer at puppyupvegas@yahoo.com.

Boulder Creek Golf Course.


“Golf is a game who’s aim it is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.”  ~ Winston Churchill

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Scientists regrow dog’s jawbone in revolutionary procedure

Posted by Erich Trapp on September 5, 2012


Reprinted from: http://dogtime.com/scientists-regrow-dogs-jawbone-in-revolutionary-procedure.html#

Friday August 31st, 2012

By Dog Time Staff

Researchers at the University of California Davis have discovered how to regrow a dog’s jawbone in a ground-breaking study that has the potential to change animal medicine as we know it.

Biomedical engineer Dan Huey and veterinary surgeon Boaz Arzi developed the innovative bone replacement procedure while working as a postdoctoral research team. Huey and Arzi collaborated with UC Davis Professor Frank Verstraete, who heads the Dentistry and Oral Surgery Service at the school’s veterinary teaching hospital to perfect the technique.

One of the dogs whose life will be forever changed is Whiskey, a 10-year-old Munsterlander  dog from San Francisco.

Owner Tom Swierk tells KTVU that Whiskey suddenly started having difficulties while chewing.

“I figured he had a bad tooth,” Swierk explains, “which was surprising, because he pretty much only eats kibble, cauliflower, and carrots.”

Swierk was shocked to learn from Whiskey’s veterinarian that the culprit was not his dog’s tooth at all – it was an aggressive bone cancer that had made its way into Whiskey’s jawbone. The vet referred a worried Swierk to the UC Davis William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital so that Whiskey could get the surgery and treatment he would need to save his life.

Surgeons removed the cancerous growth, a malignant tumor about the size of a thumb, but it had grown so large that half of Whiskey’s lower jaw had to be removed along with it.

The surgery might have led to a poor quality of life for Whiskey, Verstraete told ABC News. “They cannot catch a ball, play tug of war after such a procedure,” he explained.

But thanks to the bone regrowing procedure developed by the research team, Whiskey was given a second chance. First, Arzi extracted 2.5 inches of Whiskey’s damaged jawbone. He then constructed a titanium dental bridge made of special plates and a type of spongy material infused with proteins that promote and stimulate bone growth. The special bridge was then inserted into the defect site in Whiskey’s jaw.

The results were noticeable soon after the surgery, said Huey. “Within two weeks after the procedure, you could feel bone forming under the skin, and by three months we had new bone that was very similar in density to that of the native bone,” the engineer explained.

Of the eight dogs that were treated as a part of the experimental study, Whiskey had the largest chunk of bone removed and would prove to be the biggest indicator as to whether or not the bone regrowing procedure would be a success.

And success it was. The eight dogs who received the procedure all fared so well afterwards that Huey and Arzi hope to expand the technique for use on larger defects of the jawbone in other dogs, perhaps lighting the way for bone regrowth possibilities for humans as well.

To view a video of Whiskey, click here.


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Summer of Murphy Tour in Little Rock Thursday

Posted by Erich Trapp on September 5, 2012

Murphy and Luke.

The Summer of Murphy Tour continues .. while the Nashville leg of the Tour was called because of bad weather, here’s another chance to be a part of The Summer of Murphy Tour.


Local dog lovers, in partnership with 2 Million Dogs, a national nonprofit organization working to support comparative oncology, are holding the event to do outreach and share life-saving information.

It’s part of 2 Million Dogs’ “Summer of Murphy” tour going on from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Little Rock Animal Village (4500 Kramer Street).

Just like people, companion animals develop cancer: brain, breast, bone and lung cancer; lymphoma and melanoma are all common in pets, who are exposed to the same environmental factors as humans. Veterinary oncologists believe there are between four and eight million new cases of cancer in companion animals every year. Most of those never receive adequate care or treatment and often go undiagnosed.
2 Million Dogs has built the largest pet and people cancer community in the world to advocate for comparative oncology, an emerging field of study that is broadening the understanding of the links between human and animal cancer.

“The field of comparative oncology is relatively new, however it has tremendous potential to give us key insights to what’s causing cancer across species,” said Ginger Morgan, executive director of 2 Million Dogs. “Comparative oncology is important and necessary if we want a world in which cancer is no longer one of the top killers of our children, our parents, and our pets.”

The Summer of Murphy Tour was inspired by the loss of one of the two companions who accompanied Luke Robinson on a cross-country walk to raise awareness of comparative oncology in 2008. Similarly, Robinson intends this tour to honor and celebrate the lives of other pets with cancer – those who have survived, those who are fighting, and those [who] have succumbed.

“Cancer touches everyone,” said Robinson. “Cancer is the world’s greatest scourge, the deadliest pandemic facing pets and people alike. We are here to celebrate and remember survivors as well as those we have lost, and share the spirit of Murphy and other dogs who do not give up or give in until the end.”

The Summer of Murphy tour, which started in August, visits 23 cities besides Little Rock, including: Nashville TN, Denison TX, Belton TX, San Antonio TX, Austin TX, Santa Fe NM, Albuquerque NM, Las Vegas NV for the First Annual Puppy Up Charity Golf Tournament, Denver CO, Garden City KS, Liberty MO, Chicago IL, Indianapolis IN, Cincinnati OH, Columbus OH, Fairborn OH, Pittsburgh PA, New Castle PA, Monessen PA, Clinton NJ, Jersey City NJ, New Milford CT, and Madison CT.

2 Million Dogs recently donated $50,000 for a comparative oncology study of mammary tumors at Princeton University in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania. The project treats shelter dogs with mammary tumors and then studies tissues to understand how breast cancer metastasizes in women.
2 Million Dogs, largest pet and people cancer community in the world, was established to support comparative oncology and educate the public about common links between cancer in humans and companion animals.

To learn more about the Summer of Murphy Tour, watch the trailer here.

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