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Duke Sanchez

Posted by Erich Trapp on August 9, 2012

Sometimes people only hear about our calendar contest at the last minute, when it’s much too late to enter. So is the case with this beautiful boy. I got Technical Sergeant Claudia Sanchez’s entry just as the last votes were being counted, and my heart sank because he missed the contest. But you must meet Duke and read a bit of his story. Remember him … I hope he will be our first entry next year.

Duke Sanchez


(by Claudia Sanchez, TSgt, USAF) Duke was a rescue that our family adopted after he followed us home one day after a jog. He fit right in with our other dogs and became my running partner. We got him sept 2011 and he was diagnosed with bone cancer November 2011 and laid to rest Jan 2012. In that short time he became not only my running partner but also my motivator. He kept me running and rehabilitated me after I became bedridden for a month. He gave me his everything and asked for nothing. My heart still hurts and I’ll always miss him.

There is nothing I wouldn’t give for one more run with him.

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