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Have You Forgotten Us?

Posted by Erich Trapp on August 8, 2012

Of the 91 beautiful faces in this year’s calendar contest, 14 haven’t even 1 single vote. Not even 1.

Update! Some very nice humans have gone in and voted for the dogs who had no votes. From all of them, we say Thank You!

Now EVERYONE has some votes.

They are:

Delilah Massmann

Dylan Lawfer

Fluffy House

Gordon McCarthy

Magic Ianello

Mikey Moran

Nemo Bridges

Nikita Marie Sue Beatty

Norton Forsyth

Oliver Malchow

Sunday DeBow

Tamaiijja Polcyn

Timber Spray

Jeopardy Kennedy Patzman

Thank you, and Puppy Up!


One Response to “Have You Forgotten Us?”

  1. OMG!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I was in a tight spot with college this fall and I couldn’t even vote for my Dela-girl! I’m so glad somebody was kind-hearted enough to give her some love!

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