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Featured Pup — Alenoush Sullivan

Posted by Erich Trapp on August 4, 2012

Alenoush Sullivan

Meet Alenoush Sullivan, one of our featured pups for the 2 Million Dogs’ 2013 Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down calendar contest.

(by Gloria Sullivan) Alenoush came to live with us as a foster dog in August of 2010.  This poor old boy had been through some really rough times; he was malnourished, missing teeth, his ears had been cut, he had a chain imbedded in his neck,  was bitten by a snake, and was heartworm positive.

After taking him in, we knew right away that he was special.  Ally was the sweetest, gentlest soul, (his name even means “sweet white wave”); he wanted nothing more than to be next to us, enjoying the love we gave him. Last November, he was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma. We opted not to put him through chemo, given his heartworm history and age. We tried oral chemo, but the tumors spread rapidly and on January 4 of this year we lost our “sweet white wave.”  Even though he was not with us for long, he gave so much to us, and we are so grateful that we were able to give him what was probably the best year and a half of his life.


Voting continues through August 8th at midnight EDT. For more information, email erich@2milliondogs.org  To vote for these terrific puppers, please click on this link.   It will take you directly to the list of all the contestants. Click on the pup(s) of your choice. To vote, click on “Click here to donate” at the top of their page, just underneath the title.

Don’t miss out on your chance to share the excitement and put your favorite dog on this year’s “Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” 2 Million Dogs’ calendar. Voting has been fast and furious, so don’t delay!

Proceeds from this year’s calendar will go to The Broad Institute, doing research in the genomics of canine cancer. Look for more details here.  Our 13 top winners will decide which of three studies we will fund: osteosarcomas, mass cell tumors, or lymphoma.

Every vote is a dollar well-spent, searching for the causes of cancer. We’re working with researchers investigating cancer through comparative oncology, and searching for ways to stop cancers before they start.

Please join us in making a difference — until Cancer. Touches. No one.

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