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Featured Pup – Mikey Moran

Posted by Erich Trapp on June 17, 2012

Mikey Moran.

Here is our pup of the day for the 2 Million Dogs’ 2013 Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down calendar contest. Remember, you can enter your pup through July 27 and voting starts July 8th. To enter your dog or for more information, email erich@2milliondogs.org To learn more about the calendar, please follow this link.

(by Carie Moran ) In 2005, we adopted Mikey from a Marine that was getting out of the Marine Corps. Instantly we knew he was home forever. There wasn’t anything Mikey could do wrong and there wasn’t a sacrifice we weren’t willing to make to accommodate him. Hair, slobber, and clumsiness were no problems from that day forward. The joy and happiness that Mike brought to our family was irreplaceable and we couldn’t imagine our lives without him.

As an Animal Care Technician for the US Army, Mikey has had the fortune to travel the country with us. He has lived in three different states (VA, OK, and TX). In seven years Mikey has met tons of people and none of them left Mikey without a smile, and a wet lap. Mikey’s ability to put a smile on people’s faces was his second best attribute. In the time we had Mikey he was able to help determine the adoptability of literally hundreds of animal’s dogs and cats alike.

In August 2011 Mikey was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma after he was unable to complete a two mile walk. One month later Mikey left us physically.  During Mikey’s last month on earth he spent his time in the front yard of his house doing what he loved to do, making people smile, and protecting his family while his dad was deployed. Mikey’s dedication to his family never wavered during the hardest time of his life. He is and will always be badly missed in our home. But there will always be an open place on the floor for him to lie.

We love you “Big Mike.” Mom, Dad and the Kids.

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