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Featured Pup — Ingrid Neet-Whitaker

Posted by Erich Trapp on June 14, 2012

Ingrid on duty.

(by Carla Neet) The first time I saw Ingrid and her sister Uma, they were on a local TV program featuring animals at a high kill shelter who were in danger of being destroyed.  Ingrid looked directly into the camera and spoke to my soul and I knew I had to save them both.  One week later, Jean Harrison from a local Pyr rescue group delivered them to our home to foster.  We fell madly and completely in love with them and decided to let them keep us.  5 years later…….

Ingrid was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma after she had mysteriously broken her leg.  We learned from our vet that Osteosarcoma is an extremely painful and fast growing cancer that would eventually take her life. After much research and soul searching, we took the vet’s advice and had her left rear leg amputated.   This has proven to be absolutely the right decision.  We are about to celebrate her 1 year ampuversary.

She has taught us beautiful lessons of courage and bravery, while showing us each and every day counts for all those we love.  We are blessed to cherish every day we have our beautifully spoiled princess.

We are very proud that Ingrid has been selected to be the Grand Marshal for our Nashville, 2012 Puppy Up! Walk, Sunday, November 4 at Centennial Park, 2598 West End Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37203.

If you’re on Facebook, check out all the news about the Puppy Up! Walk in Nashville here.

To see where all this year’s Puppy Up! Walks are being held, please click here to visit our web page.

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