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Featured Pup — Girl Waring

Posted by Erich Trapp on June 8, 2012

Girl enjoying a day at the beach.

Here is our pup of the day for the 2 Million Dogs’ 2013 Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down calendar contest. Remember, you can enter your pup through June 30th and voting starts July 1st. To enter your dog or for more information, email erich@2milliondogs.org. Puppy Up!

(by Dr. Neely B Waring) Girl found rescue in the fall of 2008. A rescue volunteer saw her tied outside a home in the Miami heat; she had no food, water, or shelter from the sun or rain. The volunteer stopped and knocked on the door. The owner refused to surrender her at the time, but only a week later called the number the girl left with him. He dropped Girl off without a second thought. She was 10 years old, malnourished, and had obviously birthed many litters. She sat in rescue 6 months before I saw her picture online. My friends were pushing me to get a puppy, but her big round eyes touched my soul.

After several months with me, she began to let her personality shine. She was so feisty for being a senior dog! She learned she could jump on the furniture and once she found my bed she never left it! She helped foster many puppies through rescue and was fondly referred to as “the nanny.” She loved to go out on the town with us. She was often seen sporting a cute dress or floppy hat and pink sunglasses. We joked that she was the typical Florida retiree. She won over the judges with her underbite at Worth Avenue’s 2011 Pet Parade and was awarded Best Smile. She was also recognized as Oldest Bulldog at Buddies Thru Bullies 2012 Bullympics.

She developed mammary tumors when she was around 11 years old. They stayed small for quite some time, but over the last few months they grew fast. By then she was 13 and her health was declining. She was losing weight rapidly and going through phases of Vestibular Disease. The vet suspected a brain tumor, but we chose not to do many extensive tests due to her age and health. She had already surpassed the average lifespan of a bulldog and we were so grateful for the time we had with her. We chose to give her the best quality of life we could until the end.

Girl passed in April 2012, but her legacy continues. Her image is used in the Bullies Against Bullying campaign to reach out to kids about the effects of bullying.


5 Responses to “Featured Pup — Girl Waring”

  1. Jada Hannah said

    You go pretty girl!!! Enjoy your forever home, as you are one fortunate Bullie Girl!

  2. Girl, you were a feast for the eyes darlin. Lub yew Girl.

  3. Trish Grant said

    I am honored to have fostered you Girl… You stole my heart (along with the heart of everyone else you met)… You found the greatest mom a bullie could ask for, and I know you gave her so much more than you ever realized. We love you and think about you and that smile every day!

  4. Elisha Espinoza said

    I miss that beautiful face and smile of yours, Girl! You touched so many lives without even meeting a single one of us. RIP sweet baby girl.

  5. Anne said

    I’m so honored to know Girl’s Bully Mommy, she is an amazing lady and anyBully that lucky enough to land in her arms is guaranteed the absolute best life ever! The world needs more angels like Mommy Neely. I know your Mommy misses you so much Girl, you touched so many people and still do. If I’m having an extremely stressful day, I’ll turn to a photo that has Girl and Champ or only one of them…No matter what kind of day I’m having, their photos always turn my day around. R.I.P. Sweet Girl, see you at the Bridge : ) <3<3

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