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“Cancer collaboration could someday help dogs and their humans”

Posted by Erich Trapp on May 9, 2012

When being treated for cancer, Jessy, Troyanskaya’s dog, brought the Princeton researcher and Sorenmo together, launching their ongoing research collaboration. (Photo copyright by Olga Troyanskaya)

“Cancer collaboration could someday help dogs and their humans”

An extensive article from Princeton University on collaborative work in comparative oncology. 2 Million Dogs’ recent contribution to Princeton’s work has helped further this critical research.

Thanks to all our supporters and sponsors whose continued support make contributions like this possible. Through work like this, we’re closer to finding the causes of cancer in companion animals and people.

From the article posted May 7, 2012 by Catherine Zandonella: “Through the work funded by 2 Million Dogs, Troyanskaya and her team hope to find gene expression patterns that govern the transformation of a tumor from a benign to malignant state, contribute to tumor growth and govern metastasis. The investigators anticipate that their studies will be a starting point for developing diagnostic methods that veterinarians and doctors can use to predict whether a newly discovered tumor will grow slowly or rapidly. They also hope to identify novel pathways that could serve as targets of new drugs to treat cancer.”

To read the entire article and see how your contributions are supporting this valuable research, please click on this link.

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