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New Procedure at Texas A&M May Aid in Treatment of Osteosarcoma

Posted by Erich Trapp on November 28, 2011

Kate Cordts with her dog Rowdy pose for a photo on November 17, 2011. Photo: SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS, JUANITO GARZA / By Melissa Ludwig, mludwig@express-news.net

Portions of this article are reprinted under the Fair Use Doctrine covering  news reporting and research. You may find the full article here. (From San Antonio Express News)

When Kate Cordts  noticed swelling on the foreleg of her Great Pyrenees, Rowdy, she knew exactly what it was. Bone cancer.

“One of my previous dogs had the same disease. We had to put him down because it was too far along,” said Cordts, a librarian at the San Antonio Public Library.

A trip to the vet confirmed her suspicion, but this time she wasn’t ready to give up without a fight.

Putting her research skills to work, she found an experimental treatment at Texas A&M University’s veterinary school that could save her dog’s leg — and one day maybe the lives of children suffering from osteosarcoma, or bone cancer.

On Friday, Theresa Fossum, a veterinary surgeon at the Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies in College Station, injected radioactive isotopes into Rowdy’s bone using tiny drills about the size of two human hairs. Researchers will watch the results carefully to see if the cancer shrinks and if the treatment could hold promise for humans.

“One of the reasons it costs $1.2 billion to get a new drug on the market is that most fail in clinical trials,” Fossum said. “Many get tested in mice with no immune system so they can grow a human tumor. Dogs are good models; they probably get cancer for the same reasons as humans and have an intact immune system.”

… Around 10,000 dogs a year develop osteosarcoma, which seems to favor large dogs like St. Bernards. The disease strikes about 900 humans each year in the U.S., many of them children under 15.

… “Many people say it is ridiculous to spend money on a pet. But in fact, we learn so much in treating these dogs and having them observed, it becomes an invaluable part of the overall research program,” Stan Stearns, the  Houston entrepreneur said.

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The 2012 Calendars are Ready to Order!

Posted by Erich Trapp on November 17, 2011

Just in time for the holidays! You can pre-order your 2012 Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down calendars here.

Our own Murphy is on the cover of the 2012 Calendar. And for the first time we have two covers from which you can choose.  One is of Murphy running through a field in Bowling Green, KY just a little over a month before he was given rest. Cancer may have won the war but according to this picture, Murphy won the battle that day. It’s the battles won along the journey that we cherish and remember most.

The other cover is Luke carrying Murphy, the brave and valiant soldier, the one who was always the first out of the tent, who walked thousands of miles, always smiling, for others; the one whose courage and strength will always lead the way because he embodied our rally cry and our song, “Puppy Up!”

What makes our calendar so special? Our calendars aren’t  just a collection of pretty faces, although they certainly are that. Each month features a special dog and his or her story, written by the person who loved them best. Our calendars also include not only the regular ‘people’ holidays but special dog holidays as well, like International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, Squirrel Appreciation Day, K9 Veterans Day, International Homeless Pet Day, Stand up to Cancer Day, and a whole collection of special days set aside just for dogs.

Additionally, our calendar features a gallery of photos of all the dogs entered into this year’s calendar contest, a gallery of last year’s winners, and special features like the 10 early warning signs of cancer in dogs, a selection of photos from this year’s Puppy Up! Walks nation-wide, a note from Luke, and a special message from our Executive Director, Ginger Morgan.

These calendars make great gifts for family and friends, your vet, groomers, pet stores, your Great Aunt Bessie from Duluth, and are terrific keepsakes as well.

We know you will enjoy the beautiful layout designed by Brian Kristensen and special features of our one-of-a-kind calendar. Please order yours today!

For orders over 10, please contact Ginger for shipping costs at: ginger@2milliondogs.org.

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Ventura, CA Puppy Up! Walk

Posted by Erich Trapp on November 12, 2011

Photo courtesy of Lafmil Photography.

We’re not done yet! One more Walk this year and it’s in sunny California.

Tomorrow (Sunday, November 13th) is the Ventura Puppy Up! Walk for canine cancer awareness at San Buenaventura State Park. The walk begins at 1PM. To register, follow this link , click on the “Walks” button and choose Ventura.

Schedule of Events:

11:00am – 1:00 pm Registration
1:30pm – Walk Begins
Festivities until 5:00pm


San Buenaventura State Park
1200 East Harbor Blvd
Ventura, Ca. 93001

Come out, bring your pup, meet new people, enjoy the day, and have fun for a terrific cause. See you there!

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Taking the first step…

Posted by Erich Trapp on November 7, 2011

The Puppy Up! 2011 Walk begins -- Belton, Texas

by Tish Beauchamp Cotham

Sunday, November 6, 2011 at 5:30 AM my alarm makes my headache, which was pounding, even worse. My only thought was “let me sleep a little bit longer” and “if I get up then please let the coffee be good.” These thoughts came and went fast because those are not the thoughts of someone who Puppys Up!

I had loaded my truck the night before so I only had to shower, grab a few last minute items, then head to the park. I arrived to a quiet park, free of cars, people and dogs. Within a few hours I was off and running! It was a day of remembrance, honoring and helping. It was a day like no other.

I watched as the four legged, three legged and two legged made their way into the park towards registration and vendors.  Some came from as close as ten minutes away to as far as three hours away.  The estimated 100 people with their companions came to walk two miles because of their own personal desire to make a difference in this fight against cancer.


I walk for Brutus.

I had no idea what I had done until I looked into their eyes, listened to their stories and shared tears with them.  I had no idea what it truly meant until I stood before the crowd and began my speech.  It was a simple speech in the beginning.  I had thanked them all for coming, and introduced our sponsors and acknowledged our vendors.  I introduced our human breast cancer survivor of four years.  She’s a tough woman and refuses to let cancer keep her down.  I moved onto our many canine survivors that were there in the crowd.  Mast cell tumors, lymphoma, osteosarcoma were just a few.  Then there were those individuals who, days before the Walk, had their shirts made in remembrance of the canines they had loved and lost.

I finished my speech and moved onto the dedication of the first Puppy Up! Walk in Belton, Texas which was organized each day for eight months for the love of Murphy Robinson.  I had written so much about what I felt and what I wanted to say.  I had told Luke that I was nervous about my speech and he simply said to speak from the heart and if I got stuck then to look at my bracelet and share what Murphy meant to me.  With tears I did just that.

Following the dedication, the Puppy Up! song was played and my heart was racing with excitement and a sense of sadness.  This was it — the moment had arrived for our two mile walk.  I saw so much in each person.  I saw tails wagging, smiles and tears.  I saw history being made.

I will never be able to truly thank those that made today possible. There are no words that even come close. I know and realize the best thanks I could give is to never stop and most importantly, never forget.

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Five Sibes Blog Promotes Puppy Up! Walk

Posted by Erich Trapp on November 4, 2011

What are Sibes? Siberian Huskies, of course! And they have a great blog about the upcoming Puppy Up! Walks around the country. They also write extensively about the history and goals of 2 Million Dogs. Check out their great blog and support them here.

Tell them 2 Million Dogs sent you!

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Great Pod Cast with Dr. Temple Grandin

Posted by Erich Trapp on November 3, 2011

Dr. Temple Grandin's new book.

Please visit the Finding Fuzzybutts Four blog and enjoy the latest pod cast with Luke and his special guest, Dr. Temple Grandin. Find out more about Dr. Grandin’s newest book, Animals Make Us Human here. To learn more about her work, please visit her web site.

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Great Poster helps Promote Puppy Up! Walk in Costa Mesa

Posted by Erich Trapp on November 2, 2011

A picture (or in the case a poster) is worth a thousand words. Check it out. If you’re in the area, help support the Costa Mesa Puppy Up! Walk by visiting this Pick Up Stix restaurant. For more information, please follow this link. By the way, their Puppy Up! Walk is this Sunday, November 6th at Fairview Park, 2525 Placentia Avenue. You can register early (until November 3rd) or right there at the walk.

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