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Congratulations to Our 2012 Calendar Dogs!

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 8, 2011

Murphy Robinson, our cover dog for 2012.

From 2 Million Dogs’ Executive Director:

Thank you to all who shared photos for our “2012 Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” calendar contest. Seeing all those faces in the contest and reading the stories are a constant reminder to me of how brave and strong not only the dogs are, but the people as well. Looking at the calendar all year inspires me to work harder, longer, and smarter to help find a way to prevent our loved ones from getting this horrific disease.

My wish is that someday we will not need to have a calendar contest because no dogs will have cancer. Unfortunately, this year wasn’t the year.  However, through the efforts and generous donations of those involved with the “2012 Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” calendar we are moving closer to funding research that may lead to a way to prevent cancer and/or cure it. Cancer. Touches. Everyone.

Ginger Morgan, Executive Director 2 Million Dogs Foundation

Here is the rundown of winners for this year’s calendar. Listed after the top 13 are the other dogs who were entered. Their photos will appear in the gallery section of our calendar.

2012 Calendar Winners in descending order

1. Murphy Robinson (Luke Robinson) 1,501 votes
2. Dixie & Buddy (Cheryl Noroian) 750 votes
3. Maverick (Lou (Anne) Middlemiss) 670 votes
4. Seamus (Katy O’Loughlin) 635 votes
5. Nana (Pamela Walkowski) 610 votes
6. Starbuck (Jocelyn& Devon Brown) 485 votes
7. Sunny (Dawn Osborne) 415 votes
8. Blue (Jackie Spano) 395 votes
9. Murphy Watson (Donna Watson) 370 votes
10. Goldie (Mike Wernsing) 340 votes
11. Maggie (Ashley Crawley) 235 votes
12. Titania (Brianna Rice) 210 votes
13. Cody (Suzanne White) 190 votes

Dogs appearing in our Gallery are:

Rizzo (Judy Barnhart) 150 votes
Emily (Janet Corbett) 130 votes
Zoe (Carla & Bob Tews) 115 votes
Bart (Darcy Duval) 100 votes
Casey (Christine Kelsey) 85 votes
Lily (Hope Lisle ) 80 votes
Annie (Erich Trapp) 70 votes
Baci (Stephanie Reeve) 70 votes
Rio (Micki Monroe) 40 votes
Ladybug (Charlene Ragsdale) 25 votes
Sassy (Lindsay Partin) 20 votes
Juliet (Janine Moger) 15 votes
Maddie (Jennifer Teters) 10 votes
Baxter (Christy Morrison) 10 votes
Dakota (Shannon Coker) 10 votes
Delilah (Cynthia Massmann)
Maggie (Diane Tingiris)
Donovan (D. Irene Ramirez)
Angel (George Nussberger)
Buddy (Ginger Morgan)
Cheli (Karyn Vasquez)
Megan (Amy Julian-Swencak)
Bubba (Tiffany Lobeck)

Thank you again to all who entered and all who voted.  The winners are picking their months now.

We will let you know when the calendar will go on sale.

One Response to “Congratulations to Our 2012 Calendar Dogs!”

  1. I love that this was done and that money was raised to bring even more awareness and funding for comparative oncology research. I am not so happy that it exist and yet this year it does. I have no doubt that each and every entry will be showcased in a respectable manner as it has been in the past. To each person that took the time to tell their stories and share their pictures – I appreciate it. I can’t imagine going through it myself. I will purchase a calendar when it is time and I too will be reminded each day of each month why I continue to work towards a better life for all of our loved ones.


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