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Featured Pups — Bubba, Donovan, and ?

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 1, 2011

Sometimes people forget that they’ve started a fundraiser page. Sometimes they forget how to log in or never quite figure out how to upload a story once they have logged in. That’s OK. Some folks just aren’t as comfortable around computers as others.

We have three dogs in our gallery (so far) who have photos but no stories. It would be a shame for you not to enjoy their beautiful faces. After all, you can vote for them on good looks alone! So we are posting their photos with their links here.

Remember, the calendar contest ends in a few hours — 12 midnight central time to be exact. Still time to enter your dog, and/or vote for your favorites. Please click on this link to see all the dogs. Some of them have no votes. What a shame, considering what they have had to endure.

Enjoy these puppers ….

To vote for Bubba, please click on this link.

To vote for Donovan, please follow this link.

To vote for Karen Goff’s dog, please click on this link.

This is Karen Goff's dog. We don't know his/her name.

Donovan. His person is Irene Ramirez.

Bubba. His mom is Tiffany Lobeck.

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