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A Letter for 2 Million Dogs’ Executive Director

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 30, 2011

Murphy and Ginger

I’m often asked, “How do you do it; work tirelessly for the cause and the mission?” And, “Why did you get involved in the beginning?” The truth is, in the beginning, I just wanted to make sure that Hudson and Murphy arrived in Boston safely. And if Luke got there safely, too . . . well, that would be an added bonus.

I watched over Hudson, Murphy, and Luke from the fateful day they walked into Memphis in August 2008, to the time they took their final steps into Boston on June 19, 2010, and I learned. I thought I knew that one out of three dogs get cancer in their lifetime and that one in four die from it. I thought I understood the meaning of “Puppy Up!” Then in 2010, I lost eight close canine friends to cancer, including my very own Pete. The numbers are just numbers until one of your own is one more. When I heard Pete’s diagnosis, I wept silently in a friend’s arms. I prayed to God that if he was truly merciful, he would take Pete and not make me have to make the decision that every pet parent dreads.

My prayers were answered.

Then, weeks after getting the news about Pete, our very own Murphy was diagnosed with nasal cancer. My cries were not silent this time. I wailed, kicked, screamed, and cried on the floor for hours. Not Murphy, my God, not Murphy. It was sick, unbelievable, that Murphy’s cancer had been growing while he walked all those miles to raise awareness of canine cancer. There must have been days he didn’t feel good. As Luke tells the story, Murphy was always the first one wanting to start the day, always the first one out of the tent in the morning. He never wavered.

That same strength is what kept Murphy going through eighteen rounds of radiation at CSU. He came back to Memphis, full of life, running in the back yard, taking down my Lilly and holding her there with that big Pyr paw. Sure, there were times he slept more than not, wouldn’t eat—or only if I hand-fed him. But there were also times he was all Murphy, and then some, demanding belly rubs, dinner. I had hope.

Those last months, there were times we danced, times we snuggled, times just shared. In the end, there were times we leaned into one another to just “be.” And then time ran out.

Time is what we have. One week before our Puppy Up! Walks, we’ll be walking in unison across the country in nearly twice as many cities as last year. For some of you this is your city’s first walk. You may get the same questions I get. “How do you do it? Why did you get involved to begin with?”

I can’t answer that for you. But personally and as the executive director of 2 Million Dogs, I’m asking that you take a moment before your walk begins to remember and dedicate each step to the one who was always the first out of the tent, who walked thousands of miles, always smiling, for others though he suffered himself; the one whose courage and strength will always lead the way because he embodied our rally cry and our song, “Puppy Up!” And I have my answer. He is still my reason. Murphy.

Puppy Up!

Ginger Morgan

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Fuzzybutts Coming to San Antonio

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 26, 2011

San Antonio TEXAS:  This year the Puppy Up! Walk in San Antonio will host Luke, Hudson, and Indiana. They raised the most funds for their walk, and so won The Fuzzybutts’ appearance at their Walk.

The Fuzzybutts are coming! C’mon out on November 6 to meet Luke, Hudson, and Indiana. You don’t want to miss this event. Register today to Puppy Up! against cancer. Each one of us will make difference to fight this deadly disease.

To register for the San Antonio Walk, please follow this link.

To see if there is a Walk near you, and to register, please follow this link.

A cancer – free world starts with one mile, one dog at a time. Register today to walk on November 6 to Puppy Up! against cancer. Support those with cancer, honor the friends we’ve lost, walk for those we can help.

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Come Walk With Us!

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 25, 2011

Are YOU going to be walking in one of our Puppy Up! Walks? They’re coming up in November.  Check out our list of places we’ll be walking and come join us with your pup(s). For more information on Puppy Up! Walk locations around the country, follow this link. And tell your friends!

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Please Come to Denver in November

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 20, 2011

Allison and Pythagorus. (c) Allison Mae Photography.

Bring your pups and join in the fun and festivities for the Puppy Up! Walk at Stapleton Central Park in Denver, Colorado on November 6th  from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM local time. In addition to the 2-mile walk, we will be having A Puppy Up! Festival that will include human and canine entertainment such as music, flyball, agility and disc dogs. Our Puppy Up! Market will include pet businesses and pet cancer organizations along with human cancer organizations. Be prepared to come out and do a little early Christmas shopping. We will also have food vendors. Register online here.

Our Grand Marshalls/Cancer Heroes for the walk are Allison, an 11- year old brain tumor survivor and Pythagoras, a St. Bernard who is battling bone cancer.

Allison epitomizes the phrase “Puppy Up!” In addition to fighting back against a brain tumor, Allison decided to do something to help other families going through the pain and loneliness of cancer by starting The Stinkbug Project. Allison makes and sells dog biscuits, using the proceeds to purchase prison-trained dogs to give to other children who are battling cancer.

Pythagoras is a very handsome, gentle St. Bernard. You can learn more about Pythagoras here .

Guy Gilchrist

The Puppy Up! Denver Walk will also feature special appearances by Guy Gilchrist, Wendy Francisco, Doug Koktavy, Allison Mae, and Angelyne the Amazing Deaf Cattle Dog.

Guy is a singer/songwriter, author, and syndicated cartoonist of Today’s Dogg, Nancy, and The Muppets. He is also an animal advocate. Come out and walk for 2 Million Dogs.org and have Guy to draw a cartoon/caricature of YOUR DOGG .

Wendy Francisco and Caspian.

Wendy is an artist, writer and musician. She created the popular You tube video, God and Dog and released a book by the same title. Wendy and her husband, singer/songwriter Don Francisco live in Colorado with many animals including their dog Casper, who is 3/4 Great Pyrenees and 1/4 Anatolian Shepherd.

Our animal entertainment will feature Angelyne, the Amazing Deaf Cattle Dog.

Angelyne the Amazing Deaf Cattle Dog and owner Eric Melvin

Learn more about Angelyne and her best friend Eric Melvin here.

Award winning author and local Denverite, Doug Koktavy will be autographing his book The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer. This book is the perfect remedy for anyone who is dealing with a terminal illness in their pet or who

Doug Koktavy

has suffered the loss of a beloved pet.

Allison Mae, our Official Event Photographer, will be capturing the memories from The Puppy Up! Denver Walk.

And finally, to mix things up a bit, we even have

Samantha Jo Staggs

opera singer Samantha Jo Staggs. Ms. Staggs not only sings opera, but is also trade show coordinator at Precious Memories Pet Cemetery and Crematory in Fort Collins, CO., the pet cemetery owned by her family.

Please “like” The First Puppy Up! Denver Walk on Facebook  and follow us on twitter at PuppyUpDenver.
For more information on the Puppy Up! Walk in Denver, please contact Hope Lisle, Puppy Up! Denver Walk Manager at: 303.718.3442.



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Congratulations to Our 2012 Calendar Dogs!

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 8, 2011

Murphy Robinson, our cover dog for 2012.

From 2 Million Dogs’ Executive Director:

Thank you to all who shared photos for our “2012 Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” calendar contest. Seeing all those faces in the contest and reading the stories are a constant reminder to me of how brave and strong not only the dogs are, but the people as well. Looking at the calendar all year inspires me to work harder, longer, and smarter to help find a way to prevent our loved ones from getting this horrific disease.

My wish is that someday we will not need to have a calendar contest because no dogs will have cancer. Unfortunately, this year wasn’t the year.  However, through the efforts and generous donations of those involved with the “2012 Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” calendar we are moving closer to funding research that may lead to a way to prevent cancer and/or cure it. Cancer. Touches. Everyone.

Ginger Morgan, Executive Director 2 Million Dogs Foundation

Here is the rundown of winners for this year’s calendar. Listed after the top 13 are the other dogs who were entered. Their photos will appear in the gallery section of our calendar.

2012 Calendar Winners in descending order

1. Murphy Robinson (Luke Robinson) 1,501 votes
2. Dixie & Buddy (Cheryl Noroian) 750 votes
3. Maverick (Lou (Anne) Middlemiss) 670 votes
4. Seamus (Katy O’Loughlin) 635 votes
5. Nana (Pamela Walkowski) 610 votes
6. Starbuck (Jocelyn& Devon Brown) 485 votes
7. Sunny (Dawn Osborne) 415 votes
8. Blue (Jackie Spano) 395 votes
9. Murphy Watson (Donna Watson) 370 votes
10. Goldie (Mike Wernsing) 340 votes
11. Maggie (Ashley Crawley) 235 votes
12. Titania (Brianna Rice) 210 votes
13. Cody (Suzanne White) 190 votes

Dogs appearing in our Gallery are:

Rizzo (Judy Barnhart) 150 votes
Emily (Janet Corbett) 130 votes
Zoe (Carla & Bob Tews) 115 votes
Bart (Darcy Duval) 100 votes
Casey (Christine Kelsey) 85 votes
Lily (Hope Lisle ) 80 votes
Annie (Erich Trapp) 70 votes
Baci (Stephanie Reeve) 70 votes
Rio (Micki Monroe) 40 votes
Ladybug (Charlene Ragsdale) 25 votes
Sassy (Lindsay Partin) 20 votes
Juliet (Janine Moger) 15 votes
Maddie (Jennifer Teters) 10 votes
Baxter (Christy Morrison) 10 votes
Dakota (Shannon Coker) 10 votes
Delilah (Cynthia Massmann)
Maggie (Diane Tingiris)
Donovan (D. Irene Ramirez)
Angel (George Nussberger)
Buddy (Ginger Morgan)
Cheli (Karyn Vasquez)
Megan (Amy Julian-Swencak)
Bubba (Tiffany Lobeck)

Thank you again to all who entered and all who voted.  The winners are picking their months now.

We will let you know when the calendar will go on sale.

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Puppy Up! Raleigh is Sunday October 16th!

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 8, 2011

The neighbor kids are ready to Puppy Up! The big white dog is Vern. He's supervising.

Where: Fred G. Bond Metro Park; 801 High House Rd.; Cary, N.C.

Registration 10 AM – 12 noon at Kiwanis Picnic Pavilion

Walk starts at 12 noon

Preregister online on or before Oct 12, 2011-$20.00 

Day of registration  $25.00

Receive a bandana and 2 Million Dogs’ Bracelet with entry fee.

Once you register, you will be given your own personal fundraising page.  Upload a photo and write a story about why you are participating in this event.  Share it with your friends through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and more!  Raise or donate $20 or more to walk on October 16th and receive a dog bandana and 2 Million Dogs bracelet.

Raise a total of $100 or more to also receive an Event T-shirt.  Event t-shirts will only be given to those raising $100 or more.  Start working on your fundraising today!

Your dog is welcome to walk with you (dog not required) as long as he/she is friendly, vaccinated and leashed at all times.  Waste bags and water stations will be provided.  An on-site veterinarian will also be available.  Please see Walk Rules page for details.

For more information about registering for the walk, volunteering, having a vendor booth at the event, being a demonstrator, donating an item to our goodie bag or becoming a sponsor, please contact Joyce at whitedogaz@yahoo.com.

Visit their web page here.

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Thank You!

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 2, 2011

Thanks and a big smile to everyone who participated in this year’s “Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dogs Down” 2012 calendar contest. It’s just past midnight here, central time, and the contest has ended. Any votes cast after this time will be charged to your credit card but will not be counted towards the dog for which you have voted.

Sincere thanks to all the people who so generously shared their stories and photos of their beloved dogs with us. And many thanks to those of you who voted.

We will publish the results here on this blog later in the morning.

Good night (or good morning), and thank you again for puppying up!

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Down to the Wire!

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 1, 2011

Here's Pete, our 2011 calendar winner!

Lucie, our cover girl from 2010.

Princess Daisy, our first cover girl, from 2009.


Don’t miss all the fun and excitement as we close in on the final two hours of the 4th Annual “Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” 2012 calendar contest. Click on the link and scroll down to read all the stories, see the beautiful faces, and vote for your favorite pups! They all deserve votes, and we still have a few who have none.

So stop by, enjoy the stories and photos, and support 2 Million Dogs by voting for your favorites. Contest ends tonight at midnight central time.

Thanks to everyone who has made this another exciting calendar contest!

Puppy Up!




2 Million Dogs is a 501 C (3) organization. We rely on the generosity of individuals and corporations to help us in our mission to eradicate cancer through education, awareness, and investing in comparative oncology studies.




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Featured Pups — Bubba, Donovan, and ?

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 1, 2011

Sometimes people forget that they’ve started a fundraiser page. Sometimes they forget how to log in or never quite figure out how to upload a story once they have logged in. That’s OK. Some folks just aren’t as comfortable around computers as others.

We have three dogs in our gallery (so far) who have photos but no stories. It would be a shame for you not to enjoy their beautiful faces. After all, you can vote for them on good looks alone! So we are posting their photos with their links here.

Remember, the calendar contest ends in a few hours — 12 midnight central time to be exact. Still time to enter your dog, and/or vote for your favorites. Please click on this link to see all the dogs. Some of them have no votes. What a shame, considering what they have had to endure.

Enjoy these puppers ….

To vote for Bubba, please click on this link.

To vote for Donovan, please follow this link.

To vote for Karen Goff’s dog, please click on this link.

This is Karen Goff's dog. We don't know his/her name.

Donovan. His person is Irene Ramirez.

Bubba. His mom is Tiffany Lobeck.

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Featured Pup – Zoe

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 1, 2011


Less than 24 hours left to enter and/or vote for your favorite pups for the 2 Million Dogs’ Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down 2012 calendar contest.  The contest ends tonight, October 1st, at 12 midnight Central time. Still a few hours to vote!


Zoe’s Story

(by Carla and Bob Tews) We got Zoe when she was just a tiny little puppy.  She was born in a trailer out in the country.  Her Mom was a black lab and her Dad was a golden retriever.  Since day 1 she was one of the family.  She was our only dog (my first) and we spoiled her rotten.  We let her on the furniture, she slept on the bed, got tons of presents for Christmas, etc.  She was like “our child”.  Zoe loved people most of all.  Everywhere she went she craved love and affection from everyone!  Even total strangers.

It all started when we were watching the Super Bowl.  She was sleeping on the couch and had a seizure.  We rushed her CSU Emergency where they did a few tests and sent her home.  She was okay at first but a few days later she started going downhill.

We were sitting in the exam room at our regular vet and the vet told me straight up “I think this dog has a brain tumor.”  I literally felt the blood rush from my body at the sound of these words.  The soonest we could get her in to CSU Vet Hospital for testing was almost a week later.  It was one week of pure hell watching her deteriorate each and every day.

We dropped her off that Thursday morning telling her everything would be okay.  They did a chest x-ray and an MRI of her brain.  We went back that afternoon to pick her up and, despite our hopes for treatment, it was a brain tumor and it was already very large and inoperable.  We told them we wanted to try radiation.  We were prepared to try anything to save her.

That night, her brain swelled from the anesthesia and we could not wake her up.  We rushed her back to CSU Emergency.  When the on-call vet told us she would most likely not regain consciousness, we decided to let her go peacefully.  Just like that – she was healthy one minute, and 11 days later she was gone.

We were completely devastated.  We never dreamed we would lose her at 9 years of age from this terrible disease.  I thought for sure she would live to be an old girl.  I was naive to think that since she was a mixed breed that she wouldn’t have the health problems so many purebred dogs do.

Now that I think back, I wonder if there are things I could have done differently to prevent her from getting cancer.  I’m sure pets get cancer for the same reasons humans do, such as exposure to environmental toxins.  I tried to be careful but I admit to using pesticides and herbicides while she was growing up.  If I had to do it all over again, I would have let the weeds grow and the bugs eat my plants.  I have learned my lesson the hard way and I’m bound and determined to do things differently with my next dog.  I’ve decided to become an advocate for organic living and now I know of things that I can do to help keep my family and my pets safe.

We still miss Zoe and think of her every day.  She was our “Gooberdog”.  She brought such joy to our lives and we were so lucky to have her.

To vote for Zoe please follow this link.

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