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Featured Pup – Rio

Posted by Erich Trapp on September 30, 2011


Every day, from now until our calendar contest  ends on October 1st, we’ll feature several of our calendar dog contestants. We’d like you to meet Rio.

Rio’s Story

(by Micki Monroe) Rio was first diagnosed with Mast Cell cancer, the most prolific cutaneous (skin) cancer for dogs, in June of 2007.  She has kept this cheerful face, this fun-loving, adventuresome personality through more than four years of disease progression.  She has weathered radiation therapy followed by a year of full remission, chemotherapy which resulted in another two years of remission, and more recently amputation and another round of chemo.

Unfortunately, metastatic disease now seems to be getting the better of her.

We are walking for Rio, and for other dogs like her, who bravely face cancer each and every day with the simple expectation that we, as their humans, do something to make it better.  We walk so that someday others won’t have to face the pain, the loss, the heartbreak of losing their best friend…

To vote for Rio, please click on the link.

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