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Featured Pup – Nana

Posted by Erich Trapp on September 30, 2011


Every day, from now until our calendar contest  ends on October 1st, we’ll feature several of our calendar dog contestants. We’d like you to meet Nana.


Nana’s Story

(by Pamela Walkowski ) Nana was adopted as a rescue when she was 6 months old. From the start she was attached to the hip and never required to be leashed even in crowds.

She grew up in the Connecticut/Rhode Island woods which is also called Lyme country. At 50 pounds and 5 years old she contracted Lyme disease. Nana required only one round of antibiotics and she sprang back into action almost immediately. At 8 years old it happened again. Not only did she contract Lyme but also another tick borne illness.

Towards the end of her first round of antibiotics, Nana began showing a prominent lean in her gait along with nystagmus in both eyes. Our vet considered Lyme encephalitis but that diagnosis changed quickly when her symptoms steadily got worse. Nana was found to have a brain tumor that was too far progressed for treatment. She lived out her final 10 months on steroids and was humanely euthanized after suffering a stroke in October 2010.

This picture was taken in the spring of 2009 at one of her favorite places. In May of 2010 Nana met Luke and “the boys” as they traveled through Connecticut on their way up to Boston.


To vote for Nana please click on the link.


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