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Puppy Up! New Mexico a Resounding Success

Posted by Erich Trapp on September 26, 2011

Here are just a few of the highlights of Sunday’s Puppy Up! Walk in New Mexico.


New Mexico's Walk's Wall of Honor.

The energy was amazing. Dogs and humans shoulder--to-shoulder delivering a message in one united voice: cancer your days are numbered! Thank you all for making the inaugural 2MillionDogs Puppy Up New Mexico Walk such an amazing day. 115+ humans walked along with almost 150 pups. We shared music and skills and memories.

The NM Program. Look at this lineup! Something for everyone plus standing up for cancer research!

Check out the great coupon offer.
































How cool is All for One Clothing? Not only does Brandon’s company regularly donate profits from his shirts to rescues but he is supporting 2 Million Dogs Puppy Up New Mexico by giving us two of his shirts for prizes, has sent a check, AND printed special 2MillionDog coupons giving a 20% discount on all sales to our supporters PLUS $2 per shirt to us! Someone with such a generous kind heart deserves our notice and encouragement. Visit his website and buy something! You’ll be helping fight cancer, save rescue dogs AND reward a deserving, socially conscious company…it will make you feel GREAT!

Thanks to everyone who made the New Mexico Puppy Up! Walk such a great success!

2MillionDogs NM Walk is on Page 4 of the Alibi - right next to the Table of Contents!

One Response to “Puppy Up! New Mexico a Resounding Success”

  1. Siku Marie said

    What an incredible day!

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