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Featured Pup — Blue

Posted by Erich Trapp on September 1, 2011

Every day, from now until our calendar contest ends on September 17th, we’ll feature several of our calendar dog contestants. Today we’d like to introduce you to Blue.



(by Jackie Spano) The horrible “breeder” that had him knew of his terminal cancer and was abusing him. He was living outside in filth and was covered in ticks and fleas. The tumors were beginning and they just left him outside to fend for himself. Thankfully for me he was saved and I got him. From the moment he stepped through my front door I knew he was sent to me for a reason. I showered him with love and affection and in return I got the most grateful, loving, and sensitive dog that I will ever know.

I named him “Blue” for his one blue eye. I did not know of the cancer because the abusers never said a word about the genetic cancer that was passed down from his mother. After six months of confusion from the growing masses and two thousand dollars, I received the answer…Terminal cancer and 3 months to live. He was only a year old. I was devastated and cried for days as I held him. Each day I waited for him to die. We had already bonded so much and I knew that I would never recover from the loss of my best friend. But then a year went by…and another….

Every time we go to the vet she is AMAZED by him and calls him her “miracle patient.” She has said on more than one occasion that she can see in his eyes…”He lives and breathes for you…and if not for you, I don’t think he would be alive.”

He is now four and a half and although he has lived much longer that I was told, I still cringe each time I leave the house as I wonder, “Will this be the last time I see my son?”

When Blue and I are apart we both hurt to get back to each other. He waits by the door for me and cries when I’ve been gone too long. As I type this now he is laying on the couch beside me, with his head on my lap. When we go to the vet’s office he uses all of his energy to not be taken from me. He drags the tech across the room when he is returned to me. He is the sweetest most gentle dog. He stands patiently as children pet him and yet he jumps up to adults for kisses. Somehow he knows who to be calm with and who to give more energy to.

Despite the spread of the cancer all around his neck and face, he is still the happiest dog in the world. You wouldn’t know he had cancer other than to look at him. Everyone who meets him loves him. To know Blue is to love Blue.

I had a gut feeling recently to get Blue a chest x-ray and my instincts were correct…The cancer has spread inward and now surrounds his lungs and heart. Somehow this incredible boy still shows no signs of being sick. We have now discovered that he was mis-diagnosed and Blue has a different cancer then what he was originally diagnosed with from another vet. It breaks my heart to know he possibly could have been cured before the huge spread of the this cancer. However, our vet is optimistic of the “miracle patient” and we all pray that Blue continues to beat the odds.

I got his actual paw print tattooed on the top of my foot so he is always walking with me….Luckily for me though, he still really does walk with me…I pray it stays that way for a very long time…My Blue, my miracle.

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