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Featured Pup — Titania

Posted by Erich Trapp on August 31, 2011

Titania enjoying Christmas with her family.

Every day, from now until our calendar contest ends on September 17th, we’ll feature at least one of our calendar dog contestants. Today we’d like to introduce you to Titania.

(by Brie Rice)  I am walking for my 11 year old Newfoundland Titania (aka: Tani).  She happily celebrated her 11th birthday September 19th, 2010.  She was first diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 4 years old.  We were able to get her a mastectomy, and her cancer went into remission for 5 years.

3 years ago her cancer came back.  At 9 years old she was too old to go under for surgery for fear she wouldn’t return.  So we are doing everything in our power to keep her remaining days with us as happy and healthy as possible. My Mother, my sister, and I made a “bucket list” for her and we’ve checked everything off and then some. It’s nothing short of amazing that she’s still here. Her tumors grow visibly, and now she has more, including a lymph node behind her front leg, which is another sign of it spreading… but we enjoy every single day as such a gift!

Titania with tiny puppy.

She is a champion show dog, and the best mother and surrogate mom (or nanny) for every litter of puppies to have ever gone through our home.  She is my best friend and my sister.  She’s helped me through some pretty dark times in my life, and she never ceases to be able to make me feel better. Where she goes smiles and love will follow!   She has been such a wonderful part of my life, I don’t know what we will do without her, but until that day comes we will give her all the love we have and all the attention she “thinks” is due her.

I will be walking with one of the puppies she helped raise.  We hope to walk this year in her honor just like last year, and not her memory.  She will be turning 12 years old this September.  Which for a big dog, that in and of itself is amazing, but adding her cancer to that makes her still being with us nothing short of a miracle!

Please help me in my support and love for my dear sister Tani!

To vote for Titania, please follow this link.

UPDATE: We are sorry to hear that Titania lost her battle with cancer September 3rd. Our sincere condolences to Brie Rice and all who loved Titania.

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Featured Pup — Sunny

Posted by Erich Trapp on August 30, 2011

Sunny Osborne

Every day, from now until our calendar contest ends on September 17th, we’ll feature at least one of our calendar dog contestants. Today we’d like to introduce you to Sunny.

(By Dawn Osborne)  Sunny has been a member of our family since she was 7 weeks old, which was a little over 9 years ago. She has always been mischievous, and not frightened of the usual things dogs are frightened of. As long as she is touching a human in some way, she is happy.

Sunny was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in January of 2009. I was devastated and decided I had to do whatever I could to help her fight. She had a couple of surgeries in her right front leg to remove the tumor and bone, had 5 rounds of chemo, and subsequently had to have her leg removed in May of  2009. Throughout it all, she has been a fighter! She is still full of spunk, always wanting to play and be chased, and greets everyone with tail wagging.  She makes me laugh with her antics and I feel blessed to have her with me still!

To vote for Sunny, please follow this link.

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Puppy Up! Walk in Allentown, PA — September 4th!

Posted by Erich Trapp on August 18, 2011

You CAN get there from here.

Hurricane Irene caused the Allentown Puppy Up! Walk to be rescheduled. It was scheduled for Sunday, August  28th, but has been rescheduled. Their new date is Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Won’t you join all the folks in Allentown as they have their Puppy Up! Walk at Little Lehigh Parkway  on Park Drive in Allentown, PA 18103? They have lots of fun things planned for the day. You can check out their schedule of events here.

Schedule of Events:
9:00aAM – 10:00AM Registration, Check-in and Festivities Begin
10:00 the Walk begins

Goodie bags will be given to the first 50 people who register and fundraise.

Pre-register online $20.00/person
Day-of registration   $25.00/person
(Registration fee can be donated by you or fundraised.  Kids 14 & under are free!)

A beautiful park to enjoy with your dog.


Raise or donate $20 or more to walk before the Walk date and receive a dog bandanna and a 2 Million Dogs bracelet.

Raise a total of $100 or more to receive a dog bandanna, a 2 Million Dogs bracelet and and an Event T-shirt.  Event T-shirts will only be given to those raising $100 or more, so start your fundraising today!

For more information about registering for the walk, volunteering, having a vendor booth, being a demonstrator, donating an item to our goodie bag or becoming a sponsor, please contact Jana at janaspess@yahoo.com.

We thank you for your support and look forward to walking with you.

Please check back with us for the new Walk date.

Have a great time, and Puppy Up! this coming weekend!!

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Puppy Up! In Style

Posted by Erich Trapp on August 2, 2011

Sterling silver horse pin.

2 Million Dogs 2 Miles, Inc., and Silpada Representative Lisa Stark, have joined forces to fight cancer in style!

From August 1st through September 2nd purchase any of Silpada’s extraordinary, handcrafted .925 sterling silver pieces  and Ms. Stark will donate 100% of the sale profits to 2 Million Dogs!  Millions of customers love Silpada’s products because of the individual artisan details that make each piece a one-of-a-kind, all backed by a lifetime guarantee!

Raspberry glass & sterling silver ring.

To view Silpada’s latest looks in jewelry please follow this link.

Ordering is an easy, simple process:
1) Visit Lisa’s site
2) Click “Shop Now”
3) Select your .925 sterling silver jewelry pieces from the Virtual Jewelry Box and add to shopping bag
4) Checkout and create an account (easy and quick)
5) Select hostess “2 MILLION DOGS”

Sterling silver and multi-stone earrings.

Why did Ms. Stark want to share her love of Silpada with the 2 Million Dogs’ family?

“Our three furkids, Harley, Mojo, and Fielding (all adopted from shelters) passed away in 2010 within a 7 month time period.  Mojo was thought to have had hemangosarcoma but was misdiagnosed. Sweet Fielding had a tumor around his aeorta. Harley had kidney disease, but was also thought to have had some possible GI cancer that they were not able to confirm.  Giving back to the animals is a way that I can keep my furbabies memories alive.”

Thank you Lisa, and Puppy Up!

2 Million Dogs Foundation is committed to discovering the common links between canine and human cancers and the causes of these cancers through comparative oncology research. Our organization will accomplish that mission through education and awareness, empowerment and mobilization, and finally investment in research.

For more information on 2 Million Dogs, upcoming events and ways to get involved please follow this link.

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