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What is Comparative Oncology?

Posted by Erich Trapp on February 4, 2011

Today is World Cancer Day. Much of the focus is on human cancers and what can be done to prevent and cure them. But comparative oncology goes beyond human cancer studies to incorporate canine patients as well.

Humans and dogs have been partners over the centuries, and now we’re again helping one-another, through the field of comparative oncology, to understand cancer, teaming up with our best friends to develop studies and treatments that “span the species.” There is an excellent overview of comparative oncology and how doctors and veterinarians are collaborating in understanding the parallels, as well as the differences, in canine and human cancers, presented by The Land of Pure Gold. Click here to visit their page and learn about:

• environmental risks of cancer
• the predisposition of some breeds for certain types of cancers
• therapeutic strategies for a variety of cancers
• cancer and gene imaging systems
• clinical trials
• cancer clues in dogs
• cancer resistance

as well as a host of other invaluable resources.

And please visit our web page for a list of the early warning signs of canine cancer.

One Response to “What is Comparative Oncology?”

  1. siku marie said

    Thanks for the link and the info to share about comparative oncology. World Cancer Day presented an excellent opportunity to start the conversation and awareness raising with friends and family! We will find THE cure…together

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