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Luke Robinson — one of 25 Pet People of 2010.

Posted by Erich Trapp on December 21, 2010

Luke has been selected by Petside.com as one of the top 25 Pet People of 2010, along with Betty White, Bernadette Peters, Kevin Costner, Mimi Ausland (creator of freekibble.com), Ellen DeGeneres, Debi Boies, (co-founder of Pilots N Paws), and others. Congratulations Luke, Hudson, and Murphy, for your untiring work and dedication.

After losing his Great Pyrenees,  Malcolm to bone cancer, Luke Robinson sold his truck, put his stuff in storage and set off on a 2,300 mile walk from Austin, Texas, to Boston, Massachusetts, to raise awareness about the disease that’s killing so many of our pets today.

After more than two years on the road, Robinson, along with his other “boys” (Hudson and Murphy, also Great Pyrenees) completed the arduous trek this summer.

“Walking the final mile from Back Bay Fens to Boston Common was bittersweet,” recalls Robinson. “It marked the end of a long journey, the fulfillment of promise I made to Malcolm but the beginning of a new phase of my life as well.”

Robinson is writing a book about his experience and has started the foundation 2 Million Dogs to raise money for canine cancer research. He is also planning a documentary.

Thank you Maryann Mott for being the advocate for making them in the top 25 pet people of the year.

One Response to “Luke Robinson — one of 25 Pet People of 2010.”

  1. Luke’s story has reached me through my recent discovery of the White Dog Blog, where Suki Marie told of Murphy’s battle and Luke’s great work for canine cancer awareness. I then mentioned Luke and Murphy in my next blog, on December 17th, and am keeping them in my heart, as I hope all my readers will. Loving, positive thoughts for Murphy, who is inspiring all who hear of his struggle, and for Luke, who is doing so much for Murphy and for the cause.

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