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24 Stones

Posted by Erich Trapp on December 20, 2010

Reprinted from Luke’s blog at 2 Dogs 2000 Miles.

Murphy’s life expectancy got downgraded last week. That pisses me off but like I recently posted on Facebook, I don’t know whether I have more fight or faith in me but his metastatic cancer is not going to keep us down…

Here’s what’s in store for us this week:

Monday December 20th

– Drop Murphy off at CSU for first radiation treatment
– Afterwards pick up our good friend John Stalls (kivawalk ) and his dog Kanoa and head to Eldorado Springs State Park for a night of camping and knuckleheadedness.

Tuesday December 21st

– Sober up by 6am – say see ya to John. He’s a good kid…
– Murphy’s second treatment
– Gotta grab some gifts for my nieces before I go back to TX. Didn’t make it to Archie McPhee’s when we were in Seattle so I’m sort of at a loss. Educational or irreverence are the only gifts I buy people. There’s a family pack of wrestling masks at McPhee’s that’s out of stock I wish I could get my hands on for me and the boys – Los Perros Loco Lucha Libre…

Wednesday December 22nd

– Third and final dose of radiation
– Denver. My friends here in Fort Collins got tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Don’t know if it’s YMCA meets Slovenia yet but Murphy’s coming with us and we all know how good he looks in a tool belt.
– Afterwards we’ll take him to the Buckhorn Exhchange for a beefy treat he’s never had before

Thursday December 23rd

– Make Murphy Xmas Sammiches for CSU patients. While Murphy’s the greatest lover of The Honest Kitchen — even he likes to share during the holiday season. We’ll be making a coupla’ pies for cancer patients today.

Friday December 24th

– Take Murphy on a tour of Xmas lights.
– Leave cookies, coke & cigarettes out hoping Tony Bourdain, my new hero, shows up and doesn’t confuse Hudson and Murphy for albino possums and tries to make them into a stew.

Saturday December 25th

– Open House at Claire’s. It’s a sushi Christmas and our last real day in Colorado. Grab a pair of chopsticks, stop by for the Ginger Grinch, the Murphy Maki, and whatever the hell else I come up with

Sunday… never mind not going to happen. Snuggle Snuggle with Murphy…

Monday December 27th

– Leave 3am for TX. God I need my family now…

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