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Become a Sugar Mommy or Daddy to Murphy

Posted by Erich Trapp on December 20, 2010

Re-posted from 2 dogs 2000 miles blog, Monday December 20.

The Boys in their tent.

Murphy’s total vet bills are expected to weigh in around $8,000. Ginger and I have already maxed out our care credit so we’d appreciate any help. I’ve always had a tough time with charity and those who know me intimately know this. That may seem strange but there will be a chapter on that in the book about it…

I’m a firm believer in trading value for value so this time I’m doing limited edition canvases, each autographed by me and bearing Hudson and Murphy’s actual pawprints. We have three photos to choose from all depicted nearby.


The photos will be transferred to canvas, then stretched over a wooden frame. Two sizes are available: 8×10 and 11×14. We’re asking $75 for the former; $100 for the later.

I’m limiting this run to 50 per photo which should completely cover his medical costs. That way some of you may consider buying one as an investment that’ll one day sell for $1 million when Murphy beats his cancer then runs for President.

Some of you wanted my current profile pic on Facebook (which is one of my absolute favorites of Murphy) but that was taken with an i-phone and is only 600kb far too small for photo quality. I might have it converted to a painting in the future.

The Infamous Fuzzybutts.

A couple of considerations. These prices cover the cost of shipping which will take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. The mom & pop shop we’re using does each individually. Ginger has also included our final Memorial shirt and our cause bracelets on the Click and Pledge page for some reason or other.

To purchase a limited edition canvas, click here

If you have any questions, shoot me an email at: 2dogs2000miles@gmail.com

Thank you.

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24 Stones

Posted by Erich Trapp on December 20, 2010

Reprinted from Luke’s blog at 2 Dogs 2000 Miles.

Murphy’s life expectancy got downgraded last week. That pisses me off but like I recently posted on Facebook, I don’t know whether I have more fight or faith in me but his metastatic cancer is not going to keep us down…

Here’s what’s in store for us this week:

Monday December 20th

– Drop Murphy off at CSU for first radiation treatment
– Afterwards pick up our good friend John Stalls (kivawalk ) and his dog Kanoa and head to Eldorado Springs State Park for a night of camping and knuckleheadedness.

Tuesday December 21st

– Sober up by 6am – say see ya to John. He’s a good kid…
– Murphy’s second treatment
– Gotta grab some gifts for my nieces before I go back to TX. Didn’t make it to Archie McPhee’s when we were in Seattle so I’m sort of at a loss. Educational or irreverence are the only gifts I buy people. There’s a family pack of wrestling masks at McPhee’s that’s out of stock I wish I could get my hands on for me and the boys – Los Perros Loco Lucha Libre…

Wednesday December 22nd

– Third and final dose of radiation
– Denver. My friends here in Fort Collins got tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Don’t know if it’s YMCA meets Slovenia yet but Murphy’s coming with us and we all know how good he looks in a tool belt.
– Afterwards we’ll take him to the Buckhorn Exhchange for a beefy treat he’s never had before

Thursday December 23rd

– Make Murphy Xmas Sammiches for CSU patients. While Murphy’s the greatest lover of The Honest Kitchen — even he likes to share during the holiday season. We’ll be making a coupla’ pies for cancer patients today.

Friday December 24th

– Take Murphy on a tour of Xmas lights.
– Leave cookies, coke & cigarettes out hoping Tony Bourdain, my new hero, shows up and doesn’t confuse Hudson and Murphy for albino possums and tries to make them into a stew.

Saturday December 25th

– Open House at Claire’s. It’s a sushi Christmas and our last real day in Colorado. Grab a pair of chopsticks, stop by for the Ginger Grinch, the Murphy Maki, and whatever the hell else I come up with

Sunday… never mind not going to happen. Snuggle Snuggle with Murphy…

Monday December 27th

– Leave 3am for TX. God I need my family now…

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