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Featured Walk — Puppy Up! in New Milford, CT

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 21, 2010

Our friend Dawn Osborne writes, “Come walk with us on November 7 in New Milford, CT! People as well as companion animals will benefit from the research the walks will help fund. Check out 2milliondogs.org for more information or click on the link to sign up. If you would rather just donate to the cause, follow this link.”

What’s going on at the New Milford Walk?

Sunny Osborne with her puppy up kerchief.

Along with the Walk there will be a Canine Search and Rescue Demo by Resources in Search and Rescue. Check them out here.

And Greengirlz Pet Photography will be on site to take photos and will donate 20% of any photos purchased to 2 Million Dogs. You can visit their site here.

Where’s the Walk in New Milford?

Young’s Field Pavillion
Young’s Field Road
New Milford, CT.


Times of the event will be as follows:
1:00pm – Registration
2:00pm – 1 Mile Walk Begins

Bring your dogs. Bring your friends. Bring your friends’ dogs. Bring your dog’s friends! Bring your Great Aunt Bessie from Duluth. Have a great time in New Milford or at one of the other 11 walks across the country. Or start your own mini-walk in your town. Need exercise? What a great excuse to get out, walk the pups, meet with friends, walk a mile or two — or even a few blocks. Get some rays. Don a Puppy Up! kerchief (like the one Sunny is modeling)  and start a conversation. All for a terrific cause.

Honest. It's too early for THIS much snow in New Milford! So come walk with us!

For more information on the New Milford Walk, please contact Dawn Osborne, deosbo7@hotmail.com and put “Puppy Up walk” as the subject.

For more information on ALL our Walks please click on this link.

More from Dawn on the New Milford Walk:

This is Luke and Sunny at the Newtown walk, after she showed what "puppy up!" is all about by hopping the entire 1-1/2 miles without stopping, then entertaining us with her wrestling maneuvers with a fellow tripawd, Chaos.

I first heard of Luke Robinson and his 2,000 mile journey on foot with his 2 dogs by listening to a radio show that my friend sent me a link to back in February of this year. Then I had the pleasure to meet Luke, Hudson and Murphy in Newtown, CT in March, when Sunny and I went to meet and walk with him, along with many other people and their dogs.

I knew that day I had to help any way I could because 4 members of my family had been diagnosed with cancer within the previous 5 years: my aunt, my sister, my dad and my dog, Sunny.

Sunny is all about Puppy Up!  She is an amazing dog, always happy to meet people, even her vets, in spite of all she’s been through the past almost 2 years: having two surgeries to remove a bone tumor, receiving chemotherapy treatments, and breaking her affected leg after that resulting in amputation.  She even opens her mouth for me when it’s medication time!  She also loves to go to the dog park and meet and play with other dogs.

This is Sunny and her fellow tripawd, Chaos, playing at the Newtown Puppy Up! Walk on March 21, 2010.

Comparative oncology studies are needed desperately; there are plenty of studies out there looking for cures for cancer, but we need to find out what’s causing this cancer epidemic.

Please join me in this fund-raising effort for 2 Million Dogs.


You might also want to read the blog, “Walk for your dog, walk for my dog, walk for all dogs”  by Andrea Swiedler here.

One Response to “Featured Walk — Puppy Up! in New Milford, CT”

  1. Erich, thank you for the link! This is such a great thing, I was glad to have run across the event and happy to post on my blog about it. My old guy would probably be happier staying home, but I hope to be there to take some pictures and see the demonstration! What a great thing, thank you for this. And Duncan thanks you too!

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