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On The Road Again — A Busy Month

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 20, 2010

Just because he’s not pitching a tent in the pelting rain or waiting for killer mosquitoes the size of sparrows to dive-bomb him doesn’t mean Luke is sitting idle.

This week Luke and The Boys are in Atlanta where he is accepting the Association of Pet Dog Trainers APDT 2010 Caninitarian Award.

He has also been invited to speak at the Veterinary Cancer Society meeting in San Diego on Saturday, October 30. The conference also highlights two extraordinary keynote speakers, Dr. Steven Chang from Stanford University and Dr. Steve Withrow from Colorado State University. Check the VCA website for more details. To make hotel reservations call  1-800-815-6397.

Congratulations, Luke!

And did you know, the city that gets the most funds from their Walk will win Luke and The Boys to walk with them? We have two cities in a neck-and-neck competition right now.

And … between all this he’s still writing his book.

All this may be harder than walking 2300 miles!

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