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Why We Walk, by Doreen Buchler

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 10, 2010


Riley jumped out of her cart about 100 yards from the finish line, as if she knew we were almost done and she wanted to walk that last stretch with pride to honor Malcolm, Luke, Hudson, Murphy and everyone else who has joined this incredible journey to find a cause and cure for Canine Cancer. I had to let her walk it.


When we first decided to do The Final Mile Walk in Boston, it was not only to help raise awareness of Canine Cancer to people but it was also a personal accomplishment for Riley. Riley hopped out of her wagon about 100 yards from the finish line in Boston, determined to actually WALK to the finish line, and she did. The Boston trip with Riley taught me that this whole journey was about more than just bringing awareness of Canine Cancer and Comparative Oncology to people. It was about bringing awareness to people that we should LIVE our whole lives with zest, not just the Final Mile.

I’ve done more with Riley since her diagnosis a year ago then I had the previous 6 years of her life….that’s the one thing I regret.

So this Puppy Up walk in Fairborn, Ohio, for Riley, is about bringing awareness to living life while you are healthy too, not just once an illness has set in. Focusing on becoming healthy and supporting research that helps canines and humans alike to stay and become healthy is what is truly important.

The Puppy Up Walk, for Riley, is about promoting health and living life to the fullest, one walk at a time. NO MATTER WHAT.

Riley has her own Facebook Page, called Positive Posts for Riley. Please stop by, check out all her great photos, and leave her lots of positive energy.

To learn more about the Fairborn, Ohio Walk, follow this link.

To learn about all the Puppy Up! Walks happening this year, please visit our home page and click on WALKS.


Riley enjoying life!


3 Responses to “Why We Walk, by Doreen Buchler”

  1. Valerie & Ox said

    Riley…congratulations, sweetheart!

  2. Valerie & Ox said

    Congratulations, sweetheart!

    Much love,
    Val & Ox in Az.

  3. Ruthanne said

    Wow. Riley continues to inspire! Now that Kirby’s been diagnosed it has an even deeper meaning. You have my hope that she continues to impress us all for a very, very long time!

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