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Featured Puppy Up! Walk – Edinboro, PA

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 8, 2010

Between now and November 7th, we’ll be featuring each of the 2 Million Dogs Puppy Up! Walks scheduled for this year. Today we feature the Walk in Edinboro, Pennsylvania . Please make a special note – all of you who will be participating in this Walk – it is the only one to take place November 6th rather than November 7th.

(From Michele Handte, City Leader for Edinboro)


Solar, my heart and soul.


I first heard of Luke and the boys from my bone cancer support group – BoneCancerDogs.org and started following him during his walk.  Luke and I shared a common bond in that we both lost our heart dogs to metastatic osteosarcoma.  I promised Solar that I would do everything I could to fight this horrible disease.  A part of that fight included traveling to Boston to walk the final mile with Luke, Hudson and Murphy and taking part in all the festivities of the weekend.  It was one of the most special things I’ve done in my life.  Luke is an amazing man, and Hudson and Murphy are irresistible.  How could I not want to join the cause?   They made it possible for me to keep my promise to Solar and FIGHT against cancer.

Part of that fight includes leading the walk in Edinboro, PA on November 6th.  Ginger and Luke were kind enough to make an exception to the date because of agility trials being held that day in Edinboro.  I thought we could raise more awareness in conjunction with another event, particularly one that displays pure teamwork of dogs and their owners.  Hopefully my hunch will prove successful.  I’m new to this type of thing, but I’m hoping my passion for Luke’s cause will be contagious.  We have to start somewhere, and Luke is leading the way for us.


Flip, my hero who gives others hope.


I’m walking in memory of Solar, but also to honor the heroes of our Edinboro Walk.  We have two heroes, one human, one canine, and they are cancer survivors!!  Their stories are on the site, but I have to say that Barbara Dubinett and Flip Duthie are inspirations to anyone who knows them.  Barbara and Flip are living examples that there IS hope.  If you don’t believe me, just come and meet them at our Edinboro Walk!!  You won’t be disappointed!

One dog, one person, one step at a time, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!   PUPPY UP!!!!!!

WHEN? Saturday, November 6, 2010 (special date for this city only)

WHERE? Lakeside Commons, 220 W Plum Street, Edinboro PA 16412

To learn more about and participate in the Edinboro 2 Million Dogs’ Puppy Up! Walk, please follow this link.
Times of the event will be as follows:
1:00pm – Registration
2:00pm – Walk Begins

Pre-register on line on or before November 5, 2010     $20.00
Day of registration    $25.00
Receive a bandanna and 2 Million Dogs Bracelet with entry fee.
Raise or donate $100.00 and receive a walk t-shirt.

Contact Micki Handte for more information:  jagrdoggy@yahoo.com

Learn more about 2 Million Dogs 2 Miles, please click here.

One Response to “Featured Puppy Up! Walk – Edinboro, PA”

  1. JJoy said

    My darling Golden- Phoebe- recently died of hemangiosarcoma of the spleen She was 12 1/2 and our sweetness. I need to honor her but have limited mobility now d/t back pain. When will they be near Lancaster, Pa.

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