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White Dog

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 28, 2010

White Dog (AKA Siku Marie)


Thank you to White Dog Diary Online for your great blog about hosting The Boys’ visit in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and thanks for supporting 2 Million Dogs. Siku Marie (White Dog) and her people will be traveling from Albuquerque to walk in the Fort Collins Puppy Up! Walk this coming November 7th. Now that’s Puppy Up! spirit!

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On The Air

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 28, 2010

Luke, Hudson, Murphy and friends crossing the Purple People Birdge in Ohio.

Cincinnati, Ohio (October 28, 2010) — City Walk Coordinator Patty Gartman talked to WNKU’s Matt Kelley about 2 Million Dogs, their Puppy Up! walk coming up November 7th across The Purple People Bridge, and about canine cancer. Listen to the interview here.

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Flash From The Past

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 22, 2010

Check out this flash from the past – the first interview Luke did with Dee and Terry on BARK Radio, from May 2009. Thanks to Dee and Terry for the trip down memory lane. You can hear the interview here.

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Order Your 2011 Calendars Now!

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 21, 2010

Pete, Our Cover Dog!

You can now order your 2011 Cancer Can’t Keep A Good Dog Down Calendar.

The price for 1 to 10 calendars is $18.00 each and the price for 11 or more is $13.00 each. Shipping will be added to your total when you check out. There are two places on the check-out page to order — one for orders up to 10 and the other for bulk orders for 11 or more. Please be sure to place your order correctly. If you are ordering more than 10 calendars, please make sure you check your total before you check out to make sure you received the discount.

These are beautiful calendars, great keep-sakes, and they make wonderful presents for family, friends, your vet, your groomer, your pet-sitter, and all your dog-loving friends. Included are the top 13 winners of this year’s contest and their stories, as well as the photos of last year’s top 13 winners.

What makes our calendar especially unique is that we post a gallery of all the dogs (and the cat, of course) who entered this year’s contest. This year The Gallery will have over 100 beautiful faces. Also included among regular holidays are special dog-related holidays (days like National Puppy Day, National Special-abled Pets Day, Take Your Dog to Work Day, and National Doghouse Repairs Month, among others). Special this year as well are quotes from supporters, chosen by contestants, to include with their dog’s stories. And a Letter from Luke, Hudson, and Murphy is also a special yearly feature.

We know you’ll like our unique calendar. Please pre-order now! Don’t wait to order as last year we ran out of calendars.

They should ship out after November 7!  Go here to place your orders.

Thank you and Puppy Up!

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Featured Walk — Puppy Up! in New Milford, CT

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 21, 2010

Our friend Dawn Osborne writes, “Come walk with us on November 7 in New Milford, CT! People as well as companion animals will benefit from the research the walks will help fund. Check out 2milliondogs.org for more information or click on the link to sign up. If you would rather just donate to the cause, follow this link.”

What’s going on at the New Milford Walk?

Sunny Osborne with her puppy up kerchief.

Along with the Walk there will be a Canine Search and Rescue Demo by Resources in Search and Rescue. Check them out here.

And Greengirlz Pet Photography will be on site to take photos and will donate 20% of any photos purchased to 2 Million Dogs. You can visit their site here.

Where’s the Walk in New Milford?

Young’s Field Pavillion
Young’s Field Road
New Milford, CT.


Times of the event will be as follows:
1:00pm – Registration
2:00pm – 1 Mile Walk Begins

Bring your dogs. Bring your friends. Bring your friends’ dogs. Bring your dog’s friends! Bring your Great Aunt Bessie from Duluth. Have a great time in New Milford or at one of the other 11 walks across the country. Or start your own mini-walk in your town. Need exercise? What a great excuse to get out, walk the pups, meet with friends, walk a mile or two — or even a few blocks. Get some rays. Don a Puppy Up! kerchief (like the one Sunny is modeling)  and start a conversation. All for a terrific cause.

Honest. It's too early for THIS much snow in New Milford! So come walk with us!

For more information on the New Milford Walk, please contact Dawn Osborne, deosbo7@hotmail.com and put “Puppy Up walk” as the subject.

For more information on ALL our Walks please click on this link.

More from Dawn on the New Milford Walk:

This is Luke and Sunny at the Newtown walk, after she showed what "puppy up!" is all about by hopping the entire 1-1/2 miles without stopping, then entertaining us with her wrestling maneuvers with a fellow tripawd, Chaos.

I first heard of Luke Robinson and his 2,000 mile journey on foot with his 2 dogs by listening to a radio show that my friend sent me a link to back in February of this year. Then I had the pleasure to meet Luke, Hudson and Murphy in Newtown, CT in March, when Sunny and I went to meet and walk with him, along with many other people and their dogs.

I knew that day I had to help any way I could because 4 members of my family had been diagnosed with cancer within the previous 5 years: my aunt, my sister, my dad and my dog, Sunny.

Sunny is all about Puppy Up!  She is an amazing dog, always happy to meet people, even her vets, in spite of all she’s been through the past almost 2 years: having two surgeries to remove a bone tumor, receiving chemotherapy treatments, and breaking her affected leg after that resulting in amputation.  She even opens her mouth for me when it’s medication time!  She also loves to go to the dog park and meet and play with other dogs.

This is Sunny and her fellow tripawd, Chaos, playing at the Newtown Puppy Up! Walk on March 21, 2010.

Comparative oncology studies are needed desperately; there are plenty of studies out there looking for cures for cancer, but we need to find out what’s causing this cancer epidemic.

Please join me in this fund-raising effort for 2 Million Dogs.


You might also want to read the blog, “Walk for your dog, walk for my dog, walk for all dogs”  by Andrea Swiedler here.

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On The Road Again — A Busy Month

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 20, 2010

Just because he’s not pitching a tent in the pelting rain or waiting for killer mosquitoes the size of sparrows to dive-bomb him doesn’t mean Luke is sitting idle.

This week Luke and The Boys are in Atlanta where he is accepting the Association of Pet Dog Trainers APDT 2010 Caninitarian Award.

He has also been invited to speak at the Veterinary Cancer Society meeting in San Diego on Saturday, October 30. The conference also highlights two extraordinary keynote speakers, Dr. Steven Chang from Stanford University and Dr. Steve Withrow from Colorado State University. Check the VCA website for more details. To make hotel reservations call  1-800-815-6397.

Congratulations, Luke!

And did you know, the city that gets the most funds from their Walk will win Luke and The Boys to walk with them? We have two cities in a neck-and-neck competition right now.

And … between all this he’s still writing his book.

All this may be harder than walking 2300 miles!

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If Everybody Loves Dogs And Nobody Loves Cancer, Why Is This So Difficult?

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 19, 2010

Finding people to volunteer for a worthy cause seems almost impossible these days. Bette Allen, our City Leader for the upcoming 2 Million Dogs’ Walk in Seattle,  speaks to this and other issues in her recent blog, “If Everybody Loves Dogs And Nobody Loves Cancer, Why Is This So Difficult?” That’s a good question.

Thankfully for us, there are people like Bette Allen and others around the country who are willing to bust their chops for a good cause. We hope you’ll take advantage of all their hard work and join in one of the Walks scheduled for November 7th. If there isn’t a Walk in your neck of the woods this year, go out and walk anyway. Put on a 2 Million Dogs’ T-Shirt, grab your pooch, and have your own 2 Million Dogs’ Walk. That’s how it all started — one guy, two dogs. Be that person in your town. Get your friend. Draw a crowd! And send us pictures!

Tiny Growl is donating $3.00 to 2 Million Dogs for each ScooPup Pocket sold! Type the name of the city that you are supporting in the special instructions area of the shopping cart, so that that city get the credit. Valid thru 11/7/10.

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Watching Dogs 101

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 15, 2010

Apparently Mhina enjoyed the show!

Luke, Hudson, and Murphy were recently on Animal Planet’s Dogs 101. Rebecca Clark posted this photo to our 2 Million Dogs Facebook page. Come “friend” us on Facebook and share your photos and stories!

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Invited to Speak

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 14, 2010

Luke has been invited to speak at the Veterinary Cancer Society meeting held at the Loew’s Coronado Bay Resort in San Diego on Saturday, October 30 at 4:30 PM. The planners are expecting over 600 attendees, including veterinary oncologists, residents, veterinary technicians, and others at the meeting. It will be an excellent opportunity to network with those in the forefront of veterinary oncology. The conference will highlight two extraordinary keynote speakers, Dr. Steven Chang from Stanford University and Dr. Steve Withrow from Colorado State University. Watch their website for more details in the coming days. Hotel reservations can be made at any time by calling 1-800-815-6397.

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Featured Walk – Puppy Up! In Pittsburgh

Posted by Erich Trapp on October 13, 2010


Rooney with his "Do you want a cookie?" face


Megan Ward-Robinson is the City Leader for the walk in Pittsburgh, PA. Along with her own story about becoming involved in 2 Million Dogs, she wanted to give us some updated information because they changed the location for their Walk.

Our walk will be November 7th – registration at 12PM, walk at 1PM.

We are partnering with the Western PA Humane Society and our registration will take place at their location at 1101 Western Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15233 and the walk will be from their building down Western Avenue to the National Aviary and back.

I became aware of Luke, Murphy and Hudson when they were in Pittsburgh last summer. I was still recovering from losing my black Lab, Rooney, the summer before. We were fortunate that he lived to be a nice old man of 13 years with relatively few health issues. But no matter how lucky we were to have him as long as we did, I was destroyed by his loss. It was an excruciating time for me – I felt alone and lost and sad because people just don’t understand you grieving for a pet for more than a few days. Even having ou r other dog Gus close by wasn’t a comfort, because as much as Rooney was MY boy, Gus is my husband’s boy. It wasn’t me he wanted. And I hadn’t had that feeling for 13 years. I had no place to channel my sadness and it just festered. I took our boy Gus and got him certified as a Therapy Dog thinking this would bring bonding time for he and I.


Gus, just being himself.


But after each visit, he would go barreling in the house to find my husband. I had no dog, and I was afraid I would never be able give my heart away like that and risk going through the loss all over again.

So when I heard about Luke, read his story about losing Malcolm, I got it. I totally felt what he felt and could understand his drive to know why. I didn’t need to know why my boy was gone, but I could understand the pain of losing him and just had to imagine losing him at 6 to cancer and all that we would have missed of his precious life.


Rooney, a few days before he passed away.


So I began following Luke’s journey and was happy to get an email asking for help in organizing the walks this November 7th. I fully believe in the mission of learning all we can so that someday, nobody has to wonder why. Nobody should have to lose their sibling, or parent, or child, or spouse, or their beloved pet and wonder why.

By focusing our resources and putting money in the hands of people who will study the “why’s” of cancer, hopefully we can make a difference.

P.S. – About a year after we lost Rooney, my husband and I felt we really needed to get Gus a new brother or sister and we started looking around at shelters and breed rescues. In May of this year, we found Gus a brother – a 9 year old Chocolate Lab named Stanley we adopted from the Western PA Humane Society. Since he is an older gentleman, he fit right into our life and schedule and appreciates the fact that Gus is a little older too and they both enjoy walking together and well as excessive napping!

Our man Stanley with our niece Kennedy Grace.

Megan Ward-Robinson

For more information on Puppy Up! Pittsburgh please
email  2MillionDogs.Pittsburgh@gmail  or follow this link.

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