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Voting Has Begun!

Posted by Erich Trapp on August 26, 2010

Last Year's Cover Girl, Lucie Goldman

Voting for this year’s “2011 Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” calendar has begun. We have another cast of beautiful animals and stories to share with you this year, so please follow this link to get started.

Voting for the Calendar Dogs (and Cat!) works as follows: each U.S. dollar donated equals one vote — if you donate $20.00 for Fluffy then twenty votes will go towards Fluffy. You can vote as often as you like, for as many dogs as you like, in whole dollars please. (For example, if you donate $21.74 only 21 votes will be applied.) Voting starts with a minimum of $5.00.

PLEASE NOTE: Voting continues until the deadline, Sunday, September 12, 2010 at midnight CENTRAL Daylight Time. If you are in the Eastern time zone, voting ends at 1 AM September 13th. If you’re in Mountain time, voting ends at 11 PM September 12; Pacific time, voting ends 10 PM September 12.

To keep track of voting check out the Directory Page

The thirteen dogs with the highest number of votes will be the dogs featured in the 2011 Calendar. However – and this is what makes our calendar so special – all of the dogs (and the cat) will appear in the calendar in the gallery! So everyone wins and all the contestants have a place in the calendar.

About the Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down Calendar:

Our calendar is in honor of and a memorial to our beloved companions touched by cancer, and a tribute to their spirit, undaunted courage, and the unshakable loyalty they have given us.

2 Million Dogs was formed with the singular aim of eradicating  cancer in pets and people and it will work towards that end by educating people about and investing in comparative oncology studies. To learn more about us, please visit www.2milliondogs.org.

2 Million Dogs is a 501 C (3) organization that relies on the generosity of individuals and corporations to help us in our mission to eradicate cancer through education and investing in comparative oncology studies.

Thank you for your votes and participating in a great cause!

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Let The Walks Begin

Posted by Erich Trapp on August 23, 2010

Luke, Hudson and Murphy completed the 2 Dogs 2000 Miles Walk from Austin to Boston on June 18th.  Their 2,300 mile journey across the country raised awareness of canine cancer and comparative oncology.  Now that their journey is complete, many have asked “What’s next?”

So, the next phase is the 2 Million Dogs 2 Miles Walk on November 7, 2010.  This Walk will take place in communities all across the country on the same day to show the world that we are united in this fight against cancer.  If 2 dogs were able to walk 2000 miles for cancer, 2 million dogs should be able to walk 2 miles to help raise awareness and funding for comparative oncology.

What is the 2 Million Dogs 2 Miles Walk?
The walk is a simple 1 to 2 mile easy walk through a park or community for dogs and their owners to enjoy together.  Individuals or Teams may walk.  Walkers may pay an entry fee to walk, and walkers and teams are encouraged to raise pledges.  The top fundraisers will win a prize in each city.  More information on entry fees and deadlines for prize consideration will come soon.

Can any city host a Walk?
YES, the more the merrier!  Our goal is to hold as many Walks on November 7th as possible.  The Walks can be held at a state level or cities and communities can organize their own.

What if I can’t host a Walk? Is there something else I can do that day?
Yes, you may host a Walk, a Memorial Service, a small Festival or a TGEN/Van Andel Blood Sample Drive-or all of the above!  Our City Leaders know their areas better than we do, so we trust your judgment and the time you have to invest in organizing a successful event.

I’m interested in being a City Leader & hosting a Walk in my city. What do I do next?
Email Sheila at sheila@2dogs2000miles.org with the Subject Line: City Leader & the City Name.
We will be sending out a detailed production schedule this week instructing our hosts on how to organize the Walks.  We will also be holding two conference calls within the next 2 weeks to discuss plans with everyone who is interested in hosting a Walk.

I won’t be able to host a Walk in my city but I would like to volunteer to help the City Leader—what should I do?
Email Sheila at sheila@2dogs2000miles.org with the Subject Line: Walk Volunteer & the City or State Name.
We will be matching those who want to volunteer at Walks (and the volunteers are so important!) with the City Leaders nearest to them.  Each City Leader will organize his or her volunteers and assign the help that is needed for each event.  Our volunteers are also invited to attend the two upcoming conference calls to discuss the events and plans.  The City Leaders you are assigned to will also be setting up conference calls.

What if I’m not able to be a City Leader or Volunteer at a particular location—can I still help?
Yes, we will be organizing a Walk Advisory Committee.  This Committee will oversee all the Walks across the country and help coordinate with City Leaders. If you are interested in being a part of this Committee please email Sheila at sheila@2dogs2000miles.org.  The Walk Advisory Committee will have their own conference calls.  We would prefer that our City Leaders not be on the Walk Advisory Committee, simply so you may concentrate on your city’s event.

There’s only one Luke, Hudson & Murphy.  How will they decide what Walk to attend?
Luke and the Boys won’t be deciding −you will!!!  The City that raises the most Walk donations by October 25th will be the Walk that Luke, Hudson and Murphy will attend.
So, this is your city’s incentive to raise as many funds as possible!

What is the Chain of Command for this Production?
The 2 Million Dogs 2 Miles Advisory Committee will guide the City Leaders through the process of promoting this event.  The City Leaders will create committees from their volunteer list to help with the tasks of creating a successful event in their city.

A sample production schedule, further information and timeline will be emailed to those interested by next Monday.  Conference calls will be set up for the week of August 30th to discuss the Walks in detail.

If you have any question please email Sheila at sheila@2dogs2000miles.org.

Puppy Up!

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